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Quick repair solution for missing dll errors is by installing DLL Suite.

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The missing DLL files can be fixed easily

The missing dll file error can be very annoying and restrict you from using your PC properly. It not only creates an obstacle while launching certain programs, but also makes your computer freeze or crash in an unexpected manner. It can also give rise to BSOD.

Manual repair solution doesn't work

DLL errors can make your computer extremely slow and sluggish. Scanning your computer with a Windows Defender or an AVG virus software seems to be futile while fixing DLL errors on your PC. Even after performing these tedious scans, you can get a DLL error message followed by sudden freezing issues on the computer. Many people tend to perform a scan using Microsoft Scanner from the Microsoft website, but still this method does nothing to get rid of this error. This error occurs if there is a problem with the Windows Operating System. Running a sfc /scannow, DISM and clean booting your system in safe mode also doesn't stop this error from reappearing.

A similar kind of error can occur on your system when you get not one but four error messages on start-up which says, the file wshelper.exe has been missing from your computer. This error code also comes with an additional message which might tell you to reinstall the program if you want to fix it. Using manual repair from Control Panel or carrying out a DISM scan doesn't solve this error. Other solutions like copying missing DLLs from the internet, loading it from installation disks and verifying the Steam Cache also serves futile. A lot of people tend to fix this issue by downloading a copy of the missing .dll file from the internet, but sadly, this method doesn't help.

Error after rebooting the system

Error messages related to missing DLLs can also occur during re-booting the system. It is possible that you might delete some files on your desktop which you don't require anymore. After deleting them, a reboot is necessary, hence it is possible that after the reboot the complete, you might get an error message saying the file WININET.dll has not be found. Downloading WININET.dll file from an online website to a flash drive is unsafe and scary. This process can bring in plenty of malware or virus on your system and make it vulnerable to malicious files in the future. Loading this DLL from the installation disk is also of no apparent use.

Issues while launching games

Sometimes, installing games on your PC can also be problematic. If you download a PC game, the download can be quite successful, but sadly while running it, a DLL not found error message could pop up and restrict you from going any further. This issue mostly arises on Windows Vista systems and can pop up at anytime. If you proceed with a Windows Update, everything might seem normal at first, but if you try to launch a game, an error usually pops up and the game fails to load properly. Along with this, even while starting up your computer, this error can pop up.

Problem while using certain applications

It is possible that if you use an application called Media Go on your PC, a DLL missing error can pop up all of a sudden. Media Go can let you add or delete some albums but after you get an upgrade message, you can receive an error message saying, the program could not start because a DLL called VCOMP140.DLL has been missing from your PC. This message will also be followed by an additional message telling you to reinstall Media Go. Running DISM to replace these DLL files is also futile. A lot of people opt for virus scans, but scanning and fixing virus/malware infiltration on your computer, it doesn't help you to get rid of corrupted DLL files.

A DLL message can also occur if you try to run a program called Microsoft Fix it. While launching this program, an error occurs which says, the program is unable to start because the particular DLL was not found on your computer. Along with this an additional DLL message can also occur which says M3PLUGIN.DLL is missing, so try to reinstall this program. Usually this DLL can also occur if there are certain issues with your Printer or any external device plugged to your PC. Running the System File Checker and cleaning junk files on Windows rarely helps to get rid of this error.

Can this error be fixed easily?

Selecting an authentic missing dll file fixer software is very important to fix such DLL errors safely. It is essential to install DLL Suite if you want to repair and replace missing DLL files without burning a hole in your pocket. It is the best missing dll file solution. With it, you can easily remove the error 'missing dll file please reinstall'.

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