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Using DLL Suite is the best option that the users can avail for solving Explorer exe errors.

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You frequently come across a lot of customers who complain that whenever they try to run Internet Explorer they face various problems. Each and every explorer.exe problem invites a string of issues that leaves these customers in rough waters. Here are a few of them that you have to face.

Windows 8 start up errors

There are times when people complain you that they are not able to start up Windows 8. As soon they try to do so, it returns an explorer.exe error at the start up. The message says that the Internet Explorer has stopped working. This message is immediately followed by a BSOD or Blue Screen of Death.

This happens when the web browser that is installed, is either corrupted or has one or two critical components missing. This also happens when any previously installed browser interferes with Internet Explorer. This is a typical explorer exe problem that cannot be solved by the ordinary error rectification tools found free of cost. Also, the tried and tested rectification methods like uninstalling and reinstalling Windows, running the windows in safe mode hardly makes any difference. This issue can best be solved by a dedicated tool that is developed to solve this type of problem.

explorer.exe application error on Windows 8

A few Windows 8 users come up to you stating that after they have upgraded from a lower version of Windows to Windows 8, they are not able to run any application. Every time they attempt to run Internet Explorer, it returns an explorer exe error message. It says an explorer.exe Application Error has come up. Another message says that the application cannot run as an unknown software exception has occurred. This also comes up with an error code 0xc0000420.

This happens when the Explorer.exe process attempts to access the memory sector that has already been occupied by another application during the start up process. You suggest that this typical Explorer exe issue is something that can be solved only with the help of a quality and specific tool.

Window 10 crashing out intermittently

Sometimes some people with Windows 10 find that they are not able to start up Windows. As soon as they start it, Windows launches but keep crashing out intermittently. Every time it does so, it returns an error message. The message says Windows cannot run as explorer.exe file is either missing or not found.

This happens when the explorer.exe file is replaced or has been overridden by any 3rd party software application. Some of these users state that they are able to solve the issue with the help of the free of cost tools of rectification that are readily available online. However, these are only temporary solutions. The best way to solve the Explorer.exe errors is by using the tools that are specifically developed to deal with this issue. Even the tried and tested troubleshooting steps like running the windows in safe mode and the likes fail to solve the issue.

What is then the best suggestion?

Under the circumstances, in all these cases and many more like these, you suggest that the best way to solve the Explorer exe file related issues is by using tools like DLL Suite.

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