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If you want to know the perfect dll repair for your system, then you should install and use DLL Suite. It is one of the best DLL error repair tool freeware online.

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Dll error repair is the only thing that may come to your mind when you see some issues on the system. Any error in the dll files will hamper the smooth running of the applications. Since the dll files can get corrupted, you will have to choose and apply the correct technique. You will find the answer to dll error fixing in this write-up. You must read on as you will get a detailed insight into the reasons that may cause the issues.

Windows Media Player crash:

You may encounter the crash of Windows Media Player on your computer. The exact details of the crash can be obtained by accessing the Event Viewer. You can access the Event Viewer from the start menu of the system. You may see that the module that is responsible for the crash of wmplayer.exe is mfmp4srcsnk.dll. It may also show that the exception code is 0xc0000094 and the faulting process id is 0x874. This issue on your system can be due to some corruption in the system files that is associated with Windows Media Player. You may check if this issue appears on your system or not when you clean boot the system. Clean booting helps in loading only the basic programs, thereby helping in fix dll error.

Skype installation issue:

Suppose you are using the Windows 10 operating system on your HP Pavilion laptop. While trying to download Skype on your system, you may see some issues. You may see that the application is not installing on the system. To know more about the issue, if you check the Event Viewer, you may find the faulting module. The faulting module might be shown as mshtml.dll. This module is related to Internet Explorer. Therefore, this issue of installing Skype might be related to the some issues of the browser. This issue may also show when the previous version of Skype is already installed on the system. You must uninstall the previous version of this free dll error repair tool and then try to install the latest version.

What is the solution?

The DLL Suite is the only solution to the above mentioned issues. You can trust this legit and trustworthy DLL error repair software and install it on your system for the purpose of dll fixing.

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