Explorer.exe problem

If you fail to repair Explorer exe error in your Windows operating system, then you can choose to download the DLL Suite on the PC.

Download DLL Suite

The procedure of fixing explorer.exe problem on the PC

Many of the users have been facing issue on the computer relating to Explorer.exe. An error on the system may prevent the users from running the system properly. Well, the users do not need to worry about such issues from taking place on the system anymore. There is a very simple solution. They just need to download a explorer.exe fix tool, which helps to repair the problem easily. Here are a few testimonies by people who have been facing explorer exe problem on their PC.

Explorer shuts down unexpectedly

Wilkinson from Alberta says that she has been encountering innumerable Explorer.exe problem on her Windows 7 computer system. She says that each time she attempts to use Explorer, all of a sudden the application shuts down with no reason. Soon after which another error message would pop up on the display screen and it would state as, the applications cannot be loaded on the system because the file ntdll.dll is missing from the PC. As she is unable to sort out the problem successfully, she is looking for help.

The same issue in Windows 10 operating system

Similarly, Billy from Texas says that he is quite annoyed with the problem relating to Explorer.exe in his Windows 10 operating system. He explains further and says, when he pins the shortcut to the taskbar and click to launch, then Explorer crashes. And after entering the Event Viewer option from the Start Menu, he comes to know that the msvcrt.dll is the faulty module and exception code 0xC0000374. The problem may happen on the PC due to the corruption of msvcrt file. So, at first he needs to repair the corrupted file.

And in order to resolve this issue, he may try to install a new dll file and replace the corrupted one. However, that should not be attempted. Manually downloading any file is quite harmful for the system, especially when done by a novice. That is why a dll repair tool is always required for the system.

Explorer crashes while playing any game

Many users have been complaining that they have been facing numerous issues on their Windows 8 operating system. Jeswin from New York is one of them. He says that he often come across Explorer exe error, which he does not know how to fix on his own. The system used to run absolutely smooth, but now Explorer randomly crashes whenever he tries to play my games in Window mode. The Event Viewer error logs shows, faulting application name: explorer.exe error, faulting module name: msvcrt.dll, and exception code: 0xc0000005. According to experts, due to the corruption of mentioned dll file, the problem happens on the PC. And the user should download the corrupted file.

The solution method

For all such issues, the users just need to download a proper tool on the system. And DLL Suite would be the best in this regard. It is affordable for all kinds of computer users. In addition, the users do not need to call a computer technician to use this tool, because it is very user-friendly and fits with all the versions of Windows.

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