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To fight with the dll error on the PC, it is important for you to download a proper dll fix tool, such as DLL Suite on the PC.

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The process to repair dll errors

The dll error can appear in any type of Windows operating system. If any dll file error occurs, then it prevents the general working of the PC. In that case, some of the users may think that they need to buy a new PC. But this is not the proper solution. If they buy a new PC, then this problem again may occur on the PC. So in such case, it is better to repair dll file which is the main culprit behind any error on the PC. Many Windows users often come across dll errors on their systems. Some of the dll problems have been discussed in this article.

Google Chrome issue

Google Chrome is the most common browser application. It works great. However, some of the users do not think so. Anderson from Lovettsville is one of them. She says she is unable to use Google Chrome on her Acer laptop which is running on Windows 7 operating system. At the time of using the application, it crashes immediately. Then after entering the Event Viewer option, she gets to know that the faulting application is chrome.exe and faulty module: ntdll.dll. That means the mentioned dll file becomes corrupted on the PC. And to use the application properly, she needs to fix dll file in the PC.

Game related issue

Williams resides in Decatur, an avid gamer, he often faces error while trying to install his favorite game on the PC. He is using a Windows 8 operating system. The system is working fine. But whenever he tries to install Battlefield 3 video game in his Windows 8 operating system, he receives isdone.dll error. This type of error generally happens due to the corruption of the dll file. If the isdone.dll file gets corrupted by any kind of virus, then the system shows error. And to complete the installation process, he needs to resolve file. And for that purpose, he needs to download a professional dll fix tool which helps to repair the file without any hassle.

Next, while trying to play the game Sims 3, Frazier from Washington gets error message, which prevents the opening of the game. As a result of which, he cannot play the game. The error message says that the game can't start because d3x9_27.dll is missing from his computer. He can try to reinstall the program to fix this problem. But after reinstalling the program, the problem may not resolve. This issue mainly occurs when the mentioned dll file gets corrupted on the. So in such case, he should fix the corrupted dll file.

Unable to use Windows Live Messenger

Next, Arrington from Lynchburg, a Windows Vista holder often encounters a problem, where he is unable to open the Windows Live Messenger. When he tries to open it, he receives an error message, saying C Windows system32 avicap32.dll is unable to run on Windows. And avicap32.dll is a module that contains functions for the Windows Application Programming Interface. Maybe some virus or malware infection has affected the dll file. Thus, to get rid of this issue, he needs to solve dll file on the PC. If he repairs it, then he will be able to use the application properly on the PC.

Issue in Microsoft Office Word

The same dll file issues may occur while trying to open any Microsoft Office applications. Schwager from Montana encounters the same issue on his Windows 10 PC. To be specific, when he tries to open the Microsoft Office Word document, then he gets problem. The application refuses to open and it instead shows an error message. The message states that the program cannot start because the msvcr90.dll file is missing from the PC. This means there must be some issues with the dll file. It might have got corrupt. And this corruption comes from virus or malware issue. So, he should repair the affected dll file immediately.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 issue

Windows 8.1 operating system can face same dll error. This time the problem is associated with and Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. After updating this Adobe Photoshop app, the user of Windows 8.1, Paul gets this error message. The message says msvcp140.dll is missing from the PC. And to run the application, this dll file is needed. She gets annoyed to deal with this dll issue. Therefore, she wants to get rid of this error. As she is unable to repair it on her own, she is looking for help.

The best resolving method

The best way to correct dll errors on the PC is to download the best dll repair tool, DLL Suite. It will help in all the possible ways to maintain a smooth working computing device.

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