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The errors related to DLL files can be corrected with the help of the excellent dll fix software - DLL Suite.

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The DLL are a crucial section of the computer which helps the installed applications to run in a smoothly. However, this software sometimes faces DLL issues which make them unresponsive to your commands. These DLL errors can happen due to various reasons like improper removal or installation of a certain program, issue while installing or updating the operating system, environmental reasons like dust accumulated on the hard drive of the computer, and so on. These issues make the computer slow, programs installed on it become corrupt and crash often. These defects in the DLL can even cause Blue Screen of Death for the computer which can prove fatal for the machine. Here are some instances where you can face issues due to the DLL errors, and these are some easy solutions provided which can help you to solve this problem:

Issues related to the game:

In certain cases, you may find that the games you have successfully installed on your computer meet some issues because of which they are unable to run. Like sometimes even after successful installation of the game 'L.A. Noire: the Complete Edition', due to some issues in the DLL files of the computer, the game faces some problems during the launch and later on it crashes. This issue might arise due to some problems in the input1_3.dll. To resolve the issue, you can reinstall the game, try to reinstall the game, update the DirectX files to its latest update or can update the NVidia drivers present in the computer. But, sometimes these measures are unable to rectify the issues present in the computer. You can use dll repair freeware to remove dll errors.

Issues with Yahoo Messenger:

Sometimes due to issues related to the DLL, software like Yahoo Messenger do not work correctly. In some cases, this application may crash abruptly and cause an issue for you. At times you may notice that you are even unable to remove it from your computer. These problems can happen due to the corrupt or missing DLL files. In some cases, the event viewer may point towards the ntdll.dll as the faulty module, which is probably responsible for the error. You can try to resolve the issue by updating the program to its latest updates. However, at times they may be proved futile at solving the issue. You can use dll repair tool software to fix all dll errors.

Issues with Google Chrome:

You might face while some difficulty while using the application like Google Chrome due to DLL errors. This issue can make the program non-responsive and at times you may not be able to open them. Every time you try to start this application, the computer may face some issue and it may lead to an error. The error message may tell you that due to some issues in the DLL, the application cannot open. To run the application smoothly, you must reinstall the corrupted DLL file. In some cases, this issue happens due to the missing or corrupted WinHttp.dll and a good dll fix free software can rectify this fault easily. So you can use dll repair free software to fix dll problems.

Issues with Windows Live Mail:

The faults in the DLL can also make the email client like Windows Live Mail malfunctioning. The issue in the DLL files can lead to the crash of the application during launch. This issue is widely seen on the machines running on the Windows Vista. The Event Viewer may point towards the WLDCore.DLL as the faulty module and probably it causes the crash of the application. To resolve the issue, you can either try to reinstall the application or run the ChkDsk on the command prompt of the computer. If these steps do not solve the issue, then you can use reliable Windows dll repair software to fix missing dll files. You can use best software to fix dll errors.

Solving the error using a quick fixing method:

To solve the issues mentioned above, you can use the most efficient best free dll repair software available on the market today, the DLL Suite. This application is meant to correct the issues of missing or corrupt DLL files by downloading the current version of the DLL and installing it into the computer. To offer an added advantage to the novice users, this free dll repair software freeware re-registers the newly installed DLL files into the Windows Registry. You can use free software to fix missing dll files.

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