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A Dll file is a file that resides on Windows but isn't directly executable. The only time that it will run is when it's loaded by an application or service. Whenever there is an error on the PC, it's probably a Dll file. Users can verify the problem on the dll by running the system file checker, the DISM command line tool or the Check Disk.

Users might be confused over what really corrupts a dll file. The answer to this question ranges from the system components to the way the file is used. Once the file is damaged, users will a series of errors on Windows. They can get around those errors by using the right Dll file repair tools.

Dll errors when setting up Windows systems:

Dll files are used for installing the Windows systems. They are located on the Windows disc or online installer packages. This is why these sources are recommended for fixing installation errors. Daniel had initially applied these fixes for repairing a Windows 7 installer. He did all he can to upgrade to this system but this error stood in the way. It said that an uxlib.dll file was missing. Daniel guessed that something was wrong with the registry. The Windows Dll files fix that he could have used. To use the Registry Editor on Windows. Daniel knew how to load the editor but not use it. The registry had too many keys on it. Each of these keys had values on them. He would have to shift through thousands of them to find one Dll file!

Dll Errors when repairing the system:

Patrick had some problems with browseui.dll file on Windows XP. He wanted to get it fixed without using the Windows disc. He had locked himself out of the PC account and installed a password eraser tool for it. The freeware that he used had left behind this one ugly side effect. Windows tried to initiate the Check disk facility each time he logged in. Although he skipped the check, he decided to let it run one time. After that Patrick saw this error message on the desktop. This said that that the Dll file wasn't a valid Windows image. This had a direct impact on the Windows Explorer. All of the simple Dll repair solutions involved reinstalling this one file.

Here's one way to fix these and other Dll issues:

Dll files even if loaded can be corrupted. Users who install or use any Windows system also see such errors. Each of these errors is marked by the file that is creating it. Some of the Dll fixes shown below are easy but they do have some drawbacks.

Running the Windows install disk on the PC:

This disc does have a library of system repair options that can repair dll file. Most users tend to misplace the disc after it's used for the installation of Windows. There are times when it can't repair the file or error as the case may be.

Command Line Utilities on Windows:

This mode can run the Check Disk or the System file checker. The solution is only effective if one knows the right command lines. In some cases, the File Checker does require the Windows Install DVD.

The simplest Dll error repair till date is DLL Suite. This is a tool that works on all systems and doesn't require any command line or disc. Its fixes individual files using a simple download and install process.

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