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The smartest way to fix and repair dll files

When applications fail or system malfunctions, the most common problems are related to dll. If the files get corrupted or are missing from the registry, then it becomes important to fix the issues with dll files. In this write-up we have tried to throw some light on the problems and also offered a solution that would solve the issues.

Dll errors while start up

We were working with Windows HP Home Edition and the system was smooth. The problem occurred when in the morning the computer won't take a start up. There was an error message that said that the issue is with the run.dll and the specific module is missing. The problem usually occurs during system start up in normal mode. It was then decided to start the PC in Safe Mode, but the problem persisted. Since, the message clearly stated that the problem is with dll, we decided to look for a fixer that would fix dll files from the Windows registry and resolve the issue.

Issues with Windows Vista

We were working with the Windows Vista computer for quite some time and there were no issues. However, the problem occurred when the system started up and after a few minutes the BSOD event hit the screen. BSOD is the blue screen of death that occurs when the PC has encountered a critical problem. After the restart we found that none of the applications work. As we try to open any program the wow64win.dll error will crop up. Only Windows processes could be accessed, but the applications won't work, no matter what is done. We need to fix the corrupted dll files, immediately.

Issues with Microsoft Office Outlook

We were working with Windows 7 Professional, when suddenly the Microsoft Office Outlook started giving out errors. The application refused to send or receive any mails. Looking into the Event Viewer, we could apprehend that probably the issue was with the ntdll.dll file that is the faulty module mentioned. The Faulty application is OUTLOOK.EXE and the exception code is 0xc00000fd with the fault offset 0x0002dd69. We were aware that tampering with the registry can be detrimental to the system and therefore, we were looking for the software to fix dll files.

The smart solution

We were convinced that manual hacks will not help much and a better alternative would be to fix dll files with the help of DLL Suite. We trusted this software due to expert recommendation. The best thing about this software is that it can solve problems like BSOD events, start up issues, problems with screen freezing and so on.

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