Sxstrace.exe problem

The error of Sxstrace.exe can be solved easily with the help of DLL Suite.

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The sxstrace.exe problem and solution

The Sxstrace.exe is an essential part of the computer which guides the computer to do certain tasks in a correct way. An error in this file can create a huge amount of issues in the computer. In extreme cases, the computer may face BSOD which can cause irreversible damages in its hardware. Here are some instances where the user faced various issues due to the sxstrace exe problem.

Problems in the surfing the Internet:

A user has a laptop from HP with an operating system Windows 8.1. The user faced issues while surfing the internet. He faced the error on side-by-side configuration and the error message said that there is a sxstrace.exe problem which made surfing the internet an issue. To correct the error, the user ran the SFC commands but that did not help him much.

Problems in running the game LMA Manager:

A user had a computer with Windows 10 and had recently downloaded a game LMA Manager from the Windows Store. According to the user, download and the installation of the game went smoothly. When the user tried to run the game from his computer, he would face an error and the game refused to open. After searching the internet on the matter, he concluded that a sxstrace.exe error may have led to the problem.

Error after upgrading to Windows 7:

A Windows XP user has recently upgraded his HP Pavilion laptop to Windows 7. After the upgrade, the laptop would crash after every restart and point towards some problem in the Sxstrace.exe and DWM.exe file. The online community pointed that this error may happen if the system is infected with viruses or malware. To check for possible virus infections, he ran an antivirus scan on the system which came out clean. Now the user does not know how to solve the issue besides doing a clean installation of the operating system once again.

Issues in the computer due to a bundled software:

One Windows 10 user faced the issues on his computer after installing the program ColourUServices which came as a bundled software with some application. The user keeps getting the errors that the given application cannot run because MSVCP100.dII and Sxstrace.exe faces some issues. The users removed this application from his computer but still, the computer kept on giving this error message at random intervals. The user did not know how to solve the issue and make his computer error free again.

Correction of the error:

To correct the sxstrace exe error, the given users can download the DLL Suite from its official website. This tool removes the Sxstrace.exe related issues in no time and makes the computer run at its earlier efficiency. Also, this application not only cleans but re-registers the newly installed DLL in the computer registry making it easier for the user to run the computer in a smooth way.

This application is very easy to use and can make the removal of Sxstrace.exe related errors a walk on the beach.

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