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In case you are pondering over how to take on issues caused by missing DLL files, you need to select dll missing fixer tools that are not only fix the issues, but make sure they do so in a comprehensive way. There are a lot of tools that you find online free of cost. However, most of these open source tools are of hardly any use. This is because they are designed to take on only issues that are simple and elementary. That is why you need to put your money on tools that are specially developed to take on DLL file issues. Here are some issues that you can solve only with these specialized tools.

Windows 10 can not start

If you have upgraded from a lower Windows variant to Windows 10, you find that you are not able to start Windows up. As soon as you try to start up, you get an error message. The message says Windows cannot start up as certain critical DLL files are either missing or not found. Immediately after the message is flashed, the system returns a BSOD or Blue Screen of Death.

This happens due to a faulty installation of Windows. This also happens due to a virus or malware infestation which has affected or corrupted DLL files like CBSCreateVC.dll, DAQExp.dll, CBSProductsInfo.dll files. This is a typical dll missing entry issue. You will not be able to solve the issue by steps like restarting the system or uninstalling and reinstalling Windows and the likes. This has to be solved with the help of tools that are specifically developed to take on these kinds of problems.

Google Earth cannot be launched on Windows 7

There are instances when you are not able to open Google Earth on Windows 7 Home Pro 64 bits. Every time you try to run the application, it starts all right but stops suddenly midway and then crashes out, returning an error message. The message says that the application cannot run as a critical dll is missing from your computer. This happens more so after you restart your system.

This issue pops up when the igexportcommon.dll file is missing or the c:/Program Files (X86)/Google/Google_Earth_client_igexportcommon.dll file path is broken due to any external factor like virus or a 3rd party application. You will be able to rectify this typical dll not found error with the help of a specialized error rectifier tool.

Applications cannot be run

If you have Windows 7 64 bits, at times you are not able to run a number of applications. Every time you try so, you are frustrated by an error message. The message says the application cannot be stated as msvbvm50.dll file is either missing or not found in the system.

The msvbvm50.dll file is generally associated with Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine, and this kind of an msvbvm50.dll error generally indicates a problem in the Windows Registry. Registry problem occurs when this DLL file conflicts with the Windows Registry, corrupting it. In some cases this dll was not found error is caused by virus or malware issue or by a hardware failure. Whatever the cause may be, this type of issue can only be solved with the help of tools that are particularly developed to solve dll errors.

Booting issue shows up on Windows 7

If you are a Windows 7 user, you might not be able to boot your system after installation of Microsoft OneNote. Whenever you attempt to boot Windows, the booting sequence initializes and then stops midway. It then crashes out and gets back to the starting point. This is accompanied by an error message. The message says the booting sequence cannot be initialized as the ayoutDll12Oem.dll is missing from the system.

This is a typical error that happens due to synchronization conflict, which is also known as merge conflict. This happens when the ayoutDll12Oem.dll file or other DLL files are not in sync with the version of Windows used or with the Microsoft OneNote version. The best way to solve this issue is by turning to tools that are specifically developed to rectify this issue. The troubleshooting steps like system restore, running the Windows in safe mode and the likes fail to solve this problem.

Gaming problems with Windows 8.1

On a few occasions, you are troubled by a weird issue, wherein you are not able to start up games. As soon as you attempt to start up the games, it shows an error message. The message says the games cannot be started as some critical DLL files are either missing or not found. This happens when DLL files like regsvr32 wups.dll, regsvr32 wuaueng.dll, regsvr32 wucltui.dll, regsvr32 atl.dll and the likes are either missing or not found.

This happens chiefly after you have upgraded from a lower version of Windows to Windows 8.1. This is a typical error that surfaces up when the DLL files go missing.

The master move that ends the faults

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