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Repairing DLL files was never so easy before; one can easily carry out this action with the help of the DLL Suite.

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The ultimate DLL repairing method

DLL errors are critical Windows errors and are caused by missing or corrupt DLL files, and sometimes also due to corrupt registry entry. DLL errors should be fixed immediately, otherwise it can cause various issues like boot-up errors, screen freezing, slow PC performance, programs lock-up, sometimes it can also cause hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes as well as other critical issues. To know about the various methods of repairing DLL errors free, please have a look at this article.

WinRAR file stopped working after updating to Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, users are complaining that many applications and programs in their PC have stopped working, one such applications is WinRAR. Linda from Oklahoma complains that she is not able to use WinRAR to unzip compressed files. She even downloaded 7zip to see if that would help, but still the same issue was there. This kind of issue can happen due to some DLL errors.

She tried various fixes for repairing DLL files, like using disk cleanup, Advanced System Optimizer can clean up the registry, defragmented the drive, ran Windows memory diagnostic test, made sure that all the drivers were updated. But none of the methods worked and he was still unable to use the WinRAR application. In this situation, users can download file fixing tool and permanently get rid of the issue.

Mozilla Firefox stops working while playing game

Everybody loves to play online games, especially Farmville. But Farmville lovers can face some disappointment while playing the game with Mozilla Firefox browser. Kendall from Ohio reported of having this issue in her Lenovo laptop running on Windows 10. She says that she updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7, but after few days changed back to Windows 7, and after that her real misery started. Her Mozilla Firefox would crash every time she tries to play the game. On inspection she found that the issue is caused by some DLL errors.

To fix the issue, she uninstalled and then reinstalled the browser, added RAM but still same error would happen very time while playing the game.

Issue with Windows Media player in Windows 7

After upgrading to Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit Operating System, many users are complaining that their Windows Media Player has stopped working. Kenny from Kansas complains of having similar issue in her Asus PC. She says that there are certain file types like .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, .flv, .avi, .3gp files that Windows Media Player face trouble in playing. If she tries to play these files in Windows Media Player, it prompts to close as the files are not recognized by the media player.

This kind of issue generally happens due to some driver issue or DLL errors. To fix the issue, users can try running Media Player Settings troubleshooter. If that doesn't help, then they can download & install the required codec to play the Audio and Video files and check if that helps. Or else they can download a professional file fixing software for repairing this DLL error.

BitTorrent crashes with blue screen

BitTorrent is one of the most reliable platforms used for downloading large files such as digital videos, and digital audios. Users can download and use bit torrent application in any Windows PC. But many times due to certain Windows errors like DLL errors, this application might not work or crash abruptly while being in use. Kevin from Kingston complains that after upgrading to Windows 10, he has been facing trouble with Bit Torrent. Every time he tries to use the app, it crashes.

He tried various fixes for repairing DLL, but nothing helped him to get rid of the issue.

Kaspersky Internet security not compatible with Windows 8

Kaspersky Internet security is antivirus software that provides complete security to Windows PC. Many times this security software might face compatibility issue with various versions of Windows. A user named Timothy from Toronto says that he has been using Kaspersky internet security in his PC for 3 years without any issue. But recently he updated his Windows to Windows 8 and Kaspersky stopped working.

This kind of issue can happen if during the Windows update, certain DLL file goes missing from the PC.

Proper fixing method

Repairing faulty DLL files can be easily done by downloading DLL Suite in the PC.

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