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If svchost.exe error is eating up your PC memory, then it is suggested to install DLL Suite and get rid of the same.

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Throw Away Memory Issues from Svchost.exe Error

Svchost.exe, also known as Service Host, is an authentic and common Windows process that loads a range of critical services for proper Windows operation. However, times come when this application go missing or crashed, when different forums had to face with complaints from different Windows users, related to this application error. When it comes to svchost.exe error, most complaints are related to hogging of their CPU or memory resources without any obvious reasons. Prior to gain knowledge to fix svchost.exe error issues, let's go through some common complaints that comes up on different forums.

Common complaints with svchost.exe error

According to a Windows 7 user, svchost.exe has used almost all his PC memory and every hour he need to open task manager just to close it. If he didn't close it, then his laptop freezes and had to find a temporary solution by rebooting the system. He even scanned for virus numerous times, yet hardly found any positive result.

In words of another Windows user, while using his PC, randomly he is coming across with pop-ups indicating svchost.exe is using 95 percent of his CPU and that turned his PC to run slow.

With this error, another consumer even came across with an error message, indicating the error has eaten up his complete memory backup.

Other complaints related to this error

Random crashing of PC soon after flashing the error, is the other issue that you might find common. It is the issue that many customers face.

Reasons to the error

System affected by virus or malware or spyware, are the common issue behind the error. Yet there are other causes with this error, like improper start up or shut down of PC, third party tool error, Windows registry errors and more.

The perfect solution to consider

All the above mentioned issues are quite irritating, when dealing with any important task. However, this can be avoided using different tools available online, yet those might not deliver you will any permanent solution. To deal with this memory issue, it is always recommended to go for a healthy and secured process. Install DLLSuite from VSKsoft, and get rid from svchost.exe error issues.

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