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Issues arising due to DLL error can be sorted out with the help of a dll repair tool - DLL Suite. This dll error fixer can help fix program ink2019 startup error while loading in Windows 7.

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Tips to correct DLL error on your PC

One of the most irritating issues you can face while using a computer is DLL error. The error can make it difficult for you to use the computer smoothly and do your job in a trouble-free way.

Here are few instances where the issue in the DLL file may affect you:

Issues of a game:

Sometimes you may find that a game freezes and crashes on your computer due to DLL error. This issue can be visible only in a certain game on your computer while other games may stay unaffected due to it. Like the game Ever Quest 1 may freeze and crash at random intervals on a computer running on Windows 10 operating system. The event viewer may point towards d3dx9_30.dll which may be responsible for the crash of the game. This issue can be quite troublesome for you and may make it difficult to play the game.

Issues with Microsoft Outlook 2016:

Occasionally after an upgrade of the application, some of the features of the application may not work correctly. Like after upgrading the Microsoft Outlook 2013 to Microsoft Outlook 2016, you may find that some of the features like 'Search' may stop working. This can be due to some DLL problem which happened during the upgrade of the computer. To resolve the issue, you may reinstall the Microsoft Outlook 2016 on your computer. But sometimes, it fails to resolve the issue.

Issues of non-responsive My Computer:

If you have a Toshiba Satellite P775 laptop with Windows 7 Premium, then you might face the issue of non-responsive 'My Computer'. You may click on the 'My Computer' icon several times but it may not open. If you look into the event viewer for possible reasons behind the issue, then it may point toward an error in the DLL file RPCRT4.Dll. Probably this corrupted DLL file is responsible for the issue.

How to rectify the DLL error:

To correct the issues in regard to DLL files mentioned above, you can use the DLL Suite. This DLL error repair tool can correct the issues relating to DLL files by downloading the correct DLL file from its database. This software can certainly fix all DLL file errors in no time.

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