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If you PC is coming across with sxstrace.exe error, then it is suggested to download DLL Suite.

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Ultimate Solution to Get Rid of Sxstrace.exe Error

Command line tool, sxstrace.exe tool is utilized in tracing the log file. This tool also analyse and save the log files to human readable format. The primary purpose of this command line tool to solve incorrect side by side error or activation context generation failed error. However, time comes, when sxstrace.exe tool face issues on Windows 7 and above. This leads many users to come up on different forums to complaint against this error.

Common errors revolving sxstrace.exe error

Some of the common error messages with sxstrace.exe tool on Windows 7 and above that most users come across are -

Program freezing and system crashing: System freeze and crash takes place when some of the crucial components like synccenter.dll, sxsstore.dll become abnormal.

Missing or not found error: This error comes with the utilization of any third party antivirus, to scan the infected viruses. During this process, time comes when infected file sxstrace.exe also get deleted, resulting in the missing error.

Blue Screen of Death or BSOD: There are some antiviruses available online, are fake. During its working process to throw out virus and malware from the PC, it comes through a mistaken operation where this error is modified leading to BSOD.

Startup error: Times come, when Windows users, while starting their PC, comes up with this error message along with the command line.

Runtime error: Runtime error, is the other issue that arrives to the computer system, revolving the error.

High CPU or Memory usage: This error is quite irritating to many. While running the system, sudden pop-ups arrive that displays 30 to 100 percent of memory usage due to this error.

Best tool to fix all the above issues

All the above issues from sxstrace.exe tool, on Windows 7 and above can be resolved, if DLL Suite from VSKsoft is installed. There might be a range of DLL fixers available online, but those are not enough to find any permanent solution. Tools like DLL Suite is available in 21 different languages that are capable of resolving all the sxstrace.exe issues in no time. Thus gifting you a hassle-free computer system usage.

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