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svchost is a generic and legitimate process but sometimes it can cause various issue in the PC; to troubleshoot svchost exe related error download DLL Suite in your system today.

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Various errors related to svchost process

If you even browse through task manager you will see that there are numerous svchost processes running. The most common issue that users face with svchost exe is high usage problem. It mostly occurs on computer that is affected by virus and malware. To know more about the errors related to this executable file, go through the article.

High memory usage in Windows XP

Most of the users complain that the svchost.exe file almost uses all the PC's memory and every hour they have to open the task manager just to close it. If they don't close it the machine freezes and it need to be shut down with the power button. This issue generally happens in machine infected with Virus and malware. Most of the time the Virus and malware scan doesn't pick up anything and the problem continued to be as it is.

This issue can be tackled by investigating the process by using Process Explorer. This tool can be used to find which application is causing svchost exe to run and then close the program. But manual method has risk involved so users can download software to resolve the issue.

Svchost.exe problem with Windows update

A user complained that one of the svchost exe processes started giving problem after he did system restore. The restore was done to pull off a bad driver for his graphics card in his Windows Vista PC. After the restart svchost.exe started using up 30-100% of the CPU usage. After doing the recent system update it came back down to the maximum of 50% of the CPU usage and it is activated by running windows update. Because of this any program or app installation takes a lot of time.

Possible ways of resolving the issue

The best way to resolve svchost exe related error is by downloading DLL Suite. This software efficiently removes all the error and helps PC runs smooth. Users can easily install this PC in their PC.

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