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Corrupt dll files can hamper a PC in more than one way; you can fix dll related errors by downloading Dll Suite in your PC today.

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Various methods of Dll repair

Dll files are non executable files and require other programs to run. The errors can occur in one's computer due to various reasons. It can happen if any dll file goes missing or gets corrupt. Dll errors can also happen due to out of date device drivers. This error can cause various problems and complication in the computer system. Read the articles to know more about the issue and to know how to repair dll.

Error during Microsoft Office installation

Users can face issue while installing Microsoft Office programs in their PC. This issue was faced by one user in his Dell PC running on Windows 7. He says that he purchased and downloaded Microsoft Office 2016 in his PC and it worked fine for few days. Suddenly he noticed that some note book on OneNote desktop was not synchronized with OneDrive. He tried to synchronize them but he couldn't.

He was suggested by the technician to update Windows and Microsoft Office to fix the issue. But it couldn't be updated. Then he tried to fix the problem through control panel and suddenly a message appeared on the screen saying that the Microsoft Office has been successfully uninstalled. The problem is that he didn't uninstall the application. After that he lost all his unsynchronized data and now he is not even able to reinstall office again. When he tries to install the application, he gets an error message saying that the dll is missing. Users can download professional dll software tool to fix dll.

Slow PC problem

Sometimes dll error can make PC really slow and sluggish. A Microsoft client faced similar issue in his Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.1. He says that his PC has become extremely slow from last few days. So to resolve the issue, he did full PC scan using Windows Defender. But the computer froze while scanning a dll file named wiavideo.dll. He had to force shut down the PC and turn it on again. Then he downloaded Microsoft Security Scanner from Microsoft's website and tried to do the scan, but this time also the system froze up while scanning the same dll file.

The issue can happen if the scanner has trouble in reading the particular dll file. To repair dll, users can reboot the PC and then run system file checker.

Error while installing Firefox

Users can face trouble in installing some applications due to missing or corrupt kernel.32dll. A user reported to face similar issue in his HP pavilion laptop. He says that he has Windows XP, SP1 installed in his laptop. Whenever he tries to install Firefox in his machine, the installation fails. After that he gets an error message saying that "The procedure entry point could not be located in the link library, KERNELL.32.dll error".

Users can boot the laptop in safe mode and then see if the error is still there. If the issue still persist, then users can opt for professional method and download filer fixer to resolve dll.

Internet Explorer 8 stopped working

Due to some missing dll files, users can face trouble with Internet Explorer application. A Microsoft client using Windows 7 Ultimate faced similar issue in his Dell PC. He says that after few weeks of working, his IE 8 started causing problem. Every time he tried to start the application, he would get a message informing that the application has stopped working. The Event viewer showed that the "Faulting module name: mlang.dll, version 6.1.7600.16385 is causing the problem." He ran sfc utility, but it couldn't repair the mlang.dll.

Users can try to fix the issue manually by registering the Internet Explorer dll files and then resetting the Internet Explorer setting again. But this manual method has a lot of risk involved. It can end up doing more harm to the computer than good. It can even cause unexpected data loss and various other problems. To avoid the complications, users should download professional tool and easily solve dll problems.

Best way of fixing the error

The best way to repair dll is by downloading Dll Suite. This dll fix software can easily resolve the error by downloading the missing dll files and fixing the corrupt ones. This dll repair tool works in all Windows PC and users can easily download it in their machine. Other than fixing dll error, this software also protect the PC from various security threats.

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