Wininet.dll error

Wininet dll problems can occur in PC while installing certain programs; users can download DLL Suite in their PC to fix the issue.

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Various methods of fixing wininet dll errors

Wininet dll error occurs in PC if wininet.DLL file gets corrupted or is missing from the PC. Wininet.dll errors can occur in PC due to various registry problem, virus or malware issue and sometimes even due to hardware failure. 'Wininet.dll file is missing' or 'wininet.dll file is corrupt' messages might appear while using or installing certain programs, during Windows start-up and shut-down and even during Windows installation. Let's go through the article to know about this error in detail.

Wininet.dll error on Windows 7

Due to missing wininet.dll file, users might face issue in running many programs including Windows Update. A user faced similar issue in his Windows 7 PC. He says that while trying to run any program, he gets an error message saying that 'entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library WININET.dll'. When he tried to open Windows services to resolve the issue, he got another error stating 'Not enough storage is available to complete this operation'. Users can try running System File Checker and see if it resolves the Wininet.dll error.

Error while installing programs on Windows Vista

While installing certain programs that use Internet services, users can come across various issues. A Microsoft client came across similar issue in his Windows Vista PC. While trying to install the program, he got an error message saying that 'ordinal 698 could not be located in wininet.dll'. He says even if he ignores the error message, the installation proceeds anyway but some files just crash and burn and doesn't install.

To solve the Wininet dll problem, he looked for update and tried install them manually in the PC, but he was unable to do that. Then he run system file checker to repair missing or corrupted file. Users can simply download dll file fixer and get rid of the Wininet.dll issue without going through any complicated process.

Multiple Windows error

Due to missing wininet.dll file, users can encounter multiple Windows error. A user having Windows 10 PC encountered this problem; he says that when he starts the computer, instead of the usual log in screen, it opens to a black screen. The screen pops up instruction to hit CTRL ALT DEL to log in.

He tried to update the Windows hoping it would resolve the issue, but it didn't instead the Windows update worsen the situation. Now he can't open Windows explorer, start menu, recycle bin etc. Almost any program when he tries to open, he gets the error message.

He downloaded Malware bytes and did a full scan but no malware was detected. Then he tried

downloading the wininet.dll directly, but he couldn't unzip it because he can't open explorer. Users should download file fixing software and get rid of Wininet.dll problem permanently.

Proper ways of fixing the issue

The best way to fix the Wininet.dll errors is by downloading DLL Suite. This software can fix the corrupted dll file and download the new one. This tool is very easy to use and is compatible with all Windows PC.

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