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Faulty or corrupt dll files can give rise to host of issues in PC; download DLL Suite in your computer system today to fix all dll errors.

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Various methods of repairing Dll errors on your PC

DLL files are non executable files and they require other programs or applications to run. Dll errors are very troublesome because there are numerous of them running in the PC. Dll error can occur due to various reasons in Windows PC. Missing or corrupt Dll files can cause issues during Windows start-up, running certain application or programs. To know how to do Dll repair, please go through the article.

Issue in Windows 7 due to corrupt dll

Windows 7 users might face issue with booting and rebooting Windows due to corrupt dll file. A Microsoft client faced same issue in her Dell laptop. She says that she installed Windows 7 on a 75GB partition of a 750GB drive. After that she started having issue mostly during booting and rebooting. When she started the PC, after the Windows 7 loaded, she got an error message saying that 'Version.dll is missing or corrupt'. The same error would pop up whenever she tried to start any application. She tried start-up repair as well as system repair to resolve the issue. But nothing worked; she couldn't repair Dll manually anyhow.

Application crash in Windows 8

Missing dll can cause application crash, and various other issues in Windows PC. A Microsoft client faced application crash while playing a game in his Windows 8 PC. He says that he opens the game and while the game is about to load, the error notification displays that faulting module kernelbase dll is causing the issue. He has uninstalled and installed game more than three times but it hasn't solved his issue.

KernelBase.dll helps to launch .exe applications and when it is corrupt, users can get dll missing or not found error while starting any program. Damage to kerenelbase dll can result in application crashing problems. To do this dll fix, users can download dll file repair software.

Random blue screen in Windows Vista

After updating Windows Vista PC, a user started having random restarts and blue screen issue. He says that he was able to stop the issue by removing faulty RAM module and performing a system repair. However, SFC scan informed him that he has corrupt system files that cannot be repaired.

He searched for various troubleshoot method and ended up doing system restore by following the below methods.

Click Start, type system restore in the Start Search box and then click System Restore in the Programs list.

If the user is prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, then type password or click Continue.

In the System Restore dialog box, Choose a different restore point, and then click Next.

In the list of restore points, click a restore point that was created before you began to experience the issue, and then click Next.

Click Finish.

For convenient and hassle free way to do dll error repair, users can download a dll file fixer.

Process of fixing the issue

To fix dll errors in easy and convenient way, users can download DLL Suite. This software professionally removes the error from the PC.

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