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Missing or corrupt dll files can cause various issues in Windows PC, users can fix dll files issue by downloading DLL Suite in their computer system.

Download DLL Suite

Various methods to fix and repair dll files

Missing and corrupt dll files can cause a lot of issue in the computing system. A given computer system has thousands of dll files and if any of them goes missing then whole system might start misbehaving. It can make system crash can cause BSOD issue and can make PC sluggish. One should always trust professional tool to fix dll file issue. Let us talk about these issues in details.

Error while playing Windows Media player

While playing any songs or video in Windows Media player we can face issue due to missing wmploc.dll file. Along with that we can get an error message saying that 'windows media player is not installed properly and must be re-installed'.

This kind of error can happen if version of wmp.dll in the registry is out of sync with what is installed.

To fix dll files issue we can follow the following steps

Update Windows Media player version

If doesn't work then we can re register the wmp.dll file by logging in as administrator

Uninstall and then reinstall Windows Media player.

If all the methods fail download dll file fixer.

Dll error while starting Microsoft Word program

We can face trouble in opening Microsoft Office word and other programs due to missing dll files. While trying to run this program we can get an error message saying that gfx.dll is missing from the system and hence the program won't run. The error can happen after uninstalling Windows Live Essential program. We can try to fix the issue by doing system restore and uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office Program.

If these methods don't help solve the problem then to fix dll file issue we can download dll file fixer from a trusted website.

Process of fixing the issue

To fix dll file related issue users can download DLL Suite. This software efficiently resolves the error by removing repairing corrupt dll file and downloading missing files. This tool can fix various Microsoft Office program related issues as well.

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