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Failed Windows update can corrupt hal.dll file and various issues might arise in system because of that; to know how to fix hal.dll file error download DLL Suite today.

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Various ways of fixing hal.dll file error

The hal.dll file or (hardware abstraction layer) is a hidden file that is used by Windows XP to communicate with computer's hardware. Sometimes Hal.dll can become damaged, corrupted or deleted from the PC for number of reasons. After that users can get "missing or corrupt hal.dll" error message while performing any specific function in the machine. Read the article to know how to fix hal.dll error.

BSOD while playing games

Due to corrupt hal.dll files users can face frequent blue screen issue while performing any specific function in their PC. A Microsoft client complained that whenever he tries to play any game in his Windows XP PC he gets blue screen error. He reinstalled all his software, verified drivers, in order to resolve the issue but he couldn't. He then tried Windows trouble-shooter to troubleshoot the issue but without any luck.

Now he is in a fix as to how to resolve the hal.dll error. He has exhausted all the manual repairing option.

Windows couldn't start

One of the Windows clients faced start up issue in his Windows 7 PC due to missing hal.dll file. He says that on start up he would get an error message saying that 'windows could not start because the following hal.dll file is missing'. He tried using system restore but it couldn't resolve the issue. The issue started happening after he installed some updates in his PC.

He ran chkdsk command from the command prompt window to repair the issue but it failed to completely get rid of his problems. The person is confused about how to fix hal.dll error. Downloading suitable error repair software might solve the issue.

Various ways of fixing the error

If you don't know how to fix hal.dll error then you should simply download DLL Suite and let the software do the rest of the work. This amazing tool can repair the dll error very easily and keep the PC safe from various other errors as well.

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