Explorer exe error

Users can get Windows Explorer exe related errors in their PC randomly, the issue can be solved by downloading DLL Suite.

Download DLL Suite

Various ways of solving explorer.exe related problems

Explorer.exe from Microsoft is an important and core Windows system file. This file records keyboard and mouse inputs. As most people confuse, this is not a virus, but it can cause various issue in the computer system. The Explorer exe problem mainly occurs in PC due to software or driver issue. To learn about various explorer.exe errors, please go through the article.

Explorer.exe keeps crashing in Windows 8

Users might face constant Windows explorer crash after Windows update. The issue is mostly noted in PC upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8. After the upgrade, the users might notice that the explorer.exe is getting restarted every minute. Sometimes the problem can happen if the upgrade isn't done properly, so to fix the explorer.exe problem, users can do the clean install of the Windows again. If the issue is caused by faulty installation then the problem will be fixed by clean installation. But if the explorer.exe error persists even after that then it proves that the issue is caused by something else. Due to this issue users might face problem in using the ThinkPad.

Problem with explorer.exe in Windows 7

After installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits in their PC, one can face issues with explorer.exe. The windows explorer might shut down with no specific reason. It can occur few times in a row, while performing any specific function or on just right clicking the mouse. The explorer might even hang and later crash. Apart from the explorer, overall computer's performance might also be hampered. PC might also wake up from sleep occasionally by itself.

To fix the explorer exe error, one can run SFC scan, do malware and virus scan, do essential security scan etc. The manual methods always have some loophole. So users can download dll fixing software and get rid of the issue.

Explorer.exe doesn't load at start-up

Most people complain that their explorer.exe doesn't load at start up. They have to enter it in task manager under New Task to make it run. This happens after every reboot. One cannot even start the PC in safe mode. While doing so, one can get blue screen with a failure notification. This kind of issue is not even fixed by running SFC scan, doing malware and antivirus check. Even doing system restore through msconfig might fail.

If the explorer.exe issue is not fixed by manual method then users can use of the Dll repair tool to fix the issue. They can download professional explorer.exe fixer from the verified website and get rid of the explorer.exe error in Windows automatically. These tools are specially designed to fix such type of errors. One need not have technical knowledge to operate this tool.

Possible ways to get rid of the issue

The best possible ways to get rid of the explorer.exe errors is by downloading DLL Suite. This software is compatible with all Windows PC and can be easily installed in the system.

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