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To obstruct the DLL was not found error, you can try to install DLL Suite.

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Ways to fix DLL file is missing issues

When the error notification - 'DLL file is missing' continues to show up, it is important that you should use some proper tool that would help in removing the missing DLLs error message. The DLL file goes missing in case it is corrupted, or has been deleted mistakenly by some third party software. Therefore, shedding light on some like incidents, this article could be said to be an informative one.

Unable to access Windows Explorer:

You are confronted with the DLL file missing error after you start a Windows 7 64 bits installed Dell Latitude laptop. As soon as you start the system, the error message indicates that the program cannot be initiated since IMM32.dll file is missing from the system. To name the program, it is the Windows Explorer. Even after you reinstall it, you still cannot get out of the situation. Since the mentioned missing DLL files cannot be found in its actual location within the system, it can be presumed that the file has been infected by a virus.

DLL missing error while installing Microsoft Office Suite:

Problems also come up when you try to install a fresh copy of Microsoft Office Suite 2010. On a Windows 8 Pro installed system, as you repeatedly try to install the Microsoft Office Suite, an error message pops up and you are unable to complete the installation process. It further adds that the c2r32.dll file is missing from its exact location and cannot be found. Since the DLL is missing, the installation process cannot be completed. Downloading the relevant file may not help you to get the desired result.

Missing DLL error while installing a game:

While you try to install a game of your choice, you may be confronted with certain obstacles. Likewise, when you wish to install the game, 'Everspace' on a Lenovo laptop running on Windows 8.1 64 bits, you are unable to complete the installation process. An error notification continues to pop up describing that the ISDone DLL was not found. In such a situation, you can try to perform a clean boot and thereafter try to install the game once again. When you still fail to install the game, you need to install some effective tool that would help in resolving the error.

You also encounter similar missing DLL file errors when you try to install any game after upgrading the system from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. During the game installation process, you are prompted with an error message that denotes that MSVCP100.dll file is missing. In the previous operating system, the game could be played easily, but the problem starts to pop up with the upgraded version of the operating system. When none of the diagnostic tool could help you to install the program, it can be said that the mentioned DLL file has become corrupted that resulted in the scenario to show up.

Debugging the problems:

As the DLL not found problems continue to occur on a recurring note, it is important to deploy the best tool immediately. To name one such, it could be the DLL Suite. By downloading and installing this DLL error repair tool, you will be able to remove the inconveniences that you might face while gaming.

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