fix rundll32.exe

In order to fix issues caused by fix rundll32.exe file, the best is to install DLL Suite.

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Ways to fix and repair rundll32.exe

When a particular error crops up in the system, you need to hold on to your calm and decide judiciously for its fix. Likewise, the rundll32.exe can cause severe problems in the system. Discussing about some of them, this would be worth reading.

1. Internet Explorer error:

You may come across certain hurdles after you have upgraded from Internet Explorer 9 to Internet Explorer 10 on a Windows 10 installed Toshiba Satellite. The scenario becomes notable after you try to access any web page other than the home page of the web browser. Soon after this the application crashes. Corresponding to the details of the encountered error, it can be said that rundll32.exe has become corrupted during the upgrade process of program that resulted in the error to come up. In order to fix rundll32.exe issues in the system, you should install some proper tool.

2. Issue with Microsoft Office Outlook:

In some other situation, it may happen that when you wish to open Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 version, you are prompted with an error message that indicates that the mentioned application has stopped working. Even if you try to fix rundll32.exe error by reinstalling the application, you will fail to succeed. Therefore, it will not be wrong to assume that outlook.exe file has become corrupted that provokes the issue to show up.

3. Bad image error:

On a Windows XP installed Dell Studio laptop, it may happen that you confront with the rundll32.exe error after you start the system. The error notification that pops up indicates about 'RUNDll32.exe -Bad Image error'. This error comes up usually after any software or hardware changes have been made in the system. Therefore, it may happen that third party security software that is installed in the system is acting as a conflict with the system start up issue. But even after you uninstall the security software, you may not be able to get rid of the problem. It is recommended that before you decide for the fix of rundll32.exe file, you should acquire some information about the same.

What to choose as the best fix?

If you wish to fix rundll32.exe error permanently from the system, then you need to install DLL Suite. It would help you to settle down the corrupted file issue swiftly.

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