Kernel32.dll is missing

If the kernel32.dll is missing from the system, the user should use DLL Suite to fix it.

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What can be done when kernel32.dll was not found

The computer is a useful device which is mostly used to solve difficult tasks within a short span of time. A task can be easily done by using the computer. The user will have to possess only the basic knowledge of handling a system. However, such a useful machine may show some errors. It may show that Kernel32 dll was not found when the user is trying to use some applications on the system. The issue may show an kernel32.dll error message. Some of such instances where the user may encounter an error have been identified and discussed in this write up.

kernel32.dll problems with Appcrash:

The operating system installed on the user's computer might be Windows 7 and they may suddenly face the event of application crash. If they check the event viewer from the start menu of their system, they may find that the faulting application name is shown as myApp.exe. The exception code might be shown as 0xe0434352 and the faulting process id is 0x11ac. This issue may also show that Kernel32 dll not found. The user may not be able to solve this issue by updating the application. Additionally, the user may try to use SFC tool in order to repair missing or corrupted kernel32.dll file. The SFC can be used by pressing the Windows key and R together. However, the issue may still remain.

kernel32.dll issue in loading games:

A computer user may face an issue while trying to load a game from the internet. While doing so the user may receive an error message. The error message may state that entry point decode pointer Kernel32.dll could not be found in the dynamic link library. The process of loading the game might be completed, but it may show the issue at the time of opening the game. The user may try to use the SFC since it will scan all the files in order to verify the versions. This process is supposed to replace the missing dll files. However, the issue may still remain due to some corruption in the file. This missing kernel32.dll issue may also occur when the user tries to delete some other corrupted files and this file get deleted.

Issue in Microsoft Office Outlook:

The users might have been using the Windows 7 operating system and they may have recently installed Microsoft Office 2016. They may see an issue while trying to open Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 on their system. An error message may show up while opening the application stating that GaitForSingleObjectEx could not be found in Kernel32.dll. The message might also state that the set of folders cannot be opened. The issue may show even while the computer is in safe mode. This issue may have occurred due to some hardware failure. The user may try to solve this issue by downloading the appropriate version of the application based on the system configuration. However, the issue might still remain.

Fixing the issues:

When the message Kernel32 dll is missing appears in the system, the user must use DLL Suite. This software can be used to fix and download the missing dll files.

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