Wmvcore dll missing

When the system is reporting that Wmvcore dll is missing, you can use DLL Suite.

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What can be done when the wmvcore.dll is missing?

A range of issues may crop up on your system. You may see that the file wmvcore dll is missing from the system. You might see this issue while trying to use some applications. All such types of issues have been discussed as follows.

The wmvcore.dll error while using Movie maker:

You might have been using Windows 8 SP1 x64 bits. While trying to launch Movie Maker, you might encounter an issue. You may see that an error has occurred while opening the application. The error may state that wmvcore.dll is missing. If you check the event viewer from the start menu, you may find the exact details. You may see that the faulting application is MovieMaker.exe and the faulting module is WMVCore.dll. It may also show that the exception code is 0xc0000135 and the process id is 0x1724. You might have installed Windows Media Player 11 to solve the issue. However, you may see that the issue is still occurring. Some issues with the drivers may have resulted in this issue.

Issue in using an application:

The application Acid Pro 4.0 may show some issues on your system. You may see that the application is freezing at some random intervals. All of a sudden you may see that the application is not opening. To stop this issue, you might have uninstalled and reinstalled the application. However, after this if you try to open it, you may see an error message. The error message may state that wmvcore is missing from the system. It might also instruct you to reinstall the program in order to get rid of the issue. This type of issue might appear while you are using Windows Vista on the PC. This type of issue may have appeared due to the corruption of the application. You may try to conduct a clean install of the application.

Issue in Webcam Companion:

Windows 7 32 bit operating system is installed on your Compaq Mini HP netbook. You might want to install Webcam Companion 3 in order to take photos and video using the laptop. The software may have been successfully downloaded and installed. However, when you try to open it, it may show that wmvcore dll missing from the system. The error message may also state that it is unable to access the webcam as it may have been used by any other applications or it is not plugged in properly. To stop wmvcore.dll was not found issue, you can perform a clean boot. Clean booting will help in loading the basic set of drivers thereby avoiding any type of software conflicts. You may also uninstall and reinstall ms fixit and solve the issue. This type of issue may have been caused due to corrupted registry keys.

What can you do?

When the system is showing that wmvcore.dll missing, then you will have to ensure that the file is present in the system. Some corruption in the Windows registry may have resulted in this issue. To solve this you will have to use a reliable tool such as DLL Suite. This tool is effective in solving all the issues that are related to system files. It will replace the missing files.

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