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The svchost.exe file related errors can be solved by applying the ideal DLL Suite on the PC, the best fixer tool in this regard.

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What can be the best tool to fix svchost.exe error

Svchost.exe is an important and legitimate process of Windows that loads several other essential services for the proper Windows operation. But in some cases we see that svchost is using CPU or Memory resources. And that moment we cannot run any programs in the PC. In that case it is essential to download a repair tool to fix this svchost.exe error. Some issues related to this exe file are discussed below.

Issue with Mozilla Firefox

The problem is on Windows 7 operating system. After reinstalling Mozilla Firefox browser in our Windows 7 operating system, whenever we try to open this, it takes too long time to load. Then after checking into the Task Manager process, we get to know that svchost.exe multiple processes is taking high CPU usage. And it happens due to the corruption of this exe file. The file needs to be repaired immediately to get rid of this error. And for repairing, a svchost.exe repair tool is essential.

Svchost.exe - application error

Windows XP operating system also encounters a weird issue associated with this svchost. When we try to turn on Windows, then it shows an error message. The error message states, svchost.exe - application error the instruction at 0x001a61bb referenced memory at 0x00000000'. According to experts, if any kind of system services, which is associated with svchost is not running during the Windows start up, then this type of error appears on the PC.

Slow PC issue, while opening any program

We have been getting this svchost file error in our Windows Vista operating system for long. It is behaving in a slow manner while opening any stored program and internet connection. To find out the possible cause of this error, when we check Task Manager Processes, it shows 100% CPU usage by svchost.exe. That means the mentioned exe file has been corrupted on the PC. We need to repair the file by using a svchost.exe fixer tool.

The best tool for fixing the errors

The best known way to solve this issue would be to install svchost.exe file fixer tool on the PC. And DLL Suite will be the best one in this regard. And it is the best idea to leave the task to be done by a credible file fixing tool.

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