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To fix issues caused by dll files quickly from the system, users have to install DLL Suite in their system.

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What could be the best way to remove DLL files issues

Users might come across different scenarios pertaining to DLL files in their system. It is important that they should be able to recognise the faulty file in the initial stage that would help them to follow the suitable fix method. Some common events have been highlighted in this write-up that would guide the users.

Unable to open Windows Media Player:

Users experienced various complications when they tried to access Windows Media Player on a Windows 7 Enterprise installed Toshiba Satellite laptop. With every failed attempt they were prompted with an error message that indicated that the wmploc.dll file was present in a version that was not compatible to access the application properly. In addition to this, the error notification also stated that the mentioned application had not been installed properly and need to be installed.

Owing from this situation, it could be said that the version of wmploc.dll in Windows registry was not in sync with the version of the program that had been installed. So, when uninstall and reinstall process did not help the users to fix DLL files issue, it is understandable that they need to update the version of Windows Media Player.

Unable to run game:

Other users encountered with difficulties when they tried to play one of their favourite games on a Windows 10 Home Premium installed system. After they successfully installed 'L.A. Noire' game on their system, they faced problem when they tried to run the same and eventually it crashed. Even after they reinstalled the setup files of the games and restarted the system, they failed to achieve any result. The error message pointed that the XINPUT1_3.dll file failed to load properly that resulted in the game crash event. They also tried by downloading the respective file to fix the corrupted DLL files issues but could not rectify the situation.

Troubleshooting DLL file issue:

So, with a glimpse of the situations that might crop up in association with DLL files, it is recommended that they can try out DLL Suite. It could be regarded as one of the effective tools that would help users to seek the desired result. Therefore, without wasting any further time, users should install the same at the earliest.

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