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If we are unable to get rid of problems by using sxstrace.exe tool, then installing the DLL Suite would be considered as a good option.

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What if you are unable to rectify issues using sxstrace.exe tool

Not able to fix errors using sxstrace.exe tool? Facing with random side-by-side configuration problems? In desperate search for some effective tool that would help? If yes, then this article would be worth reading.

Microsoft Office Outlook error:

On a Lenovo system, after we upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, we start to come across various issues and one of them being side-by-side configuration. The situation becomes prominent when we try to access Microsoft Office Outlook 2010. On every failed attempt, we get an error message that states application failed to initiate since the side-by-side configuration is not correct.

It has further recommended that either we can try to check through the details of the event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool to acquire some details about the error. Other than this, we can also try by uninstalling the application, but most certainly not to achieve any result.

Internet Explorer issue after Windows update:

Some other occasion may also crop up pertaining to side-by-side configuration. Soon after we upgrade a Windows 8 installed system to Windows 8.1 version, we start to face certain difficulties. To be more specific, the issue comes up after we try to open Internet Explorer in the upgraded version of the operating system. Even after we try to reinstall the program, we will not be able to fix the problem. The side-by-side configuration error message that comes up indicates about the usage of command line sxstrace.exe tool to view the description of the error. Therefore, it may happen iexplorer.exe has become faulty that resulted in the error to come up.

Error while installing game:

While we wish to install 'League of Legends' on a Windows 8.1 installed system, we are unable to do so. We can easily download the game, but the problem starts to show up after we try to install it. 'Unmatching digital signature between EXE bootstraper and MSI database' - with this error notification, it fails to install the game. Furthermore, the side-by-side configuration error also comes up and suggest that details of the error can be viewed using the command-line sxstrace.exe tool.

The appropriate solution:

If we are unable to get significant information using the sxstrace.exe tool, then we can install DLL Suite. It will help in removing the mentioned errors quickly and in less time consuming manner.

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