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What is the best method to fix DLL files on Windows?

DLL repair is a necessary step for the computers that are going through severe program file issues. If there are problems with the files that are located in the C drive or system sub folder, you may get restricted for using applications, updating or playing games. Here are some of most common DLL file issues described.

Application error in PC:

In an Acer Aspire laptop running on Windows 7 64 bits Operating System, an error comes up on the screen. The computer starts to show different kind of issues while accessing the Microsoft Office Excel. The computer has no issues for accessing other applications of the same group or suite. While accessing the application in the computer, an error message regarding the GrooveIntlResource.dll comes up on the screen. The message says that file is either not designed to run on Windows or it has an error. The message also says for reinstalling the file using original installer media or to contact software vendor. You have to repair dll files free if the error remains after reinstalling the file.

While using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 in the computer, an error keeps on appearing on the screen. The PC runs on Windows 8 Pro 32 bits Operating System. While accessing the mailing application in the computer, ExSec32.dll error message flashes. The message says that the DLL file is not compatible with the application. The message asks for reinstalling the application in the computer again.

DLL states as invalid:

While connecting a USB memory stick or pen drive in the computer running on Windows 8.1 32 bits Operating System, a message comes up. The Operating System is completely updated still the error flashes. After installing all USB driver updates in the computer, an error message appears. The C drive also does not open in the computer. On trying to use USB memory stick or to open the C drive in the computer, a message says that bootsect.exe is not a valid win32 image.

While using the Acronis True Image in the computer, an error keeps on flashing on the screen. This software comes up saying that the rundll.dll file is not a valid win32 image. This error message comes up along with error code 0x800700C1. You can try to check the hard drive or you can make a virus scan if you feel they are needed. If both of the manual processes do not help for removing the error code from the computer, you should download a DLL repair tool.

Game application faults in PC:

While trying to play games like World of Warcrafts in the computer, an error keeps on coming up on the screen. The computer is installed with Windows 10 Pro 32 bits Operating System. A DLL file error message comes up on the screen. The message says that the application fails to start because the DDRAW.dll file is missing. The message also asks for reinstalling the file or the application for removing the problem.

Another computer running on Windows XP Pro 32 bits Operating System shows an error while playing a game Everquest 1. The game freezes and does not response. After staying on that condition for few moments, it crashes, but this not a blue screen of death. The game says that eqmain.dll file is either not designed for running or it is corrupted. You may reinstall the game but in general cases it does not work. The computer specifications are NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, Intel Core i7-2600k CPU at 3.4GHz, 8 GB RAM. If you want to act smart, you can download DLL error repair software in the computer in order to remove all these issues.

Error message shows up on start-up

An error message shows up in normal mode during start-up. The computer installed with Windows Vista 32 bits Operating System. The netapi32.dll file is missing from the computer and the message also suggests for reinstalling the file in the computer. The same computer shows an error while trying to use the System Restore. On trying to do so, an error message flashes on the screen saying SRCORE.dll file is missing. The computer stops responding on trying to use any preinstalled applications too. In that case, you have to fix DLL files that are corrupted.

Perform an effective removal method:

To fix all the issues from the computer, you need to download a well known software from a legitimate source. Repair dll errors simply by installing the DLL SUITE software on the computing devices.

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