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DLL Suite is the best tool to fix rundll32.exe issues regardless of the windows versions you are working on.

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What is the best tool to fix rundll32.exe issues

You will never be able to fix rundll32.exe related issues with the help of the tools that are found free of cost commonly. They are meant only for the elementary issues. In order to fix the complicated issues that are related to the rundll32.exe file, you need to put your money on tools that are specifically developed to deal with these errors. Here are a few examples for your perusal.

BSOD while transferring files

Sometimes, you are foxed by BSOD or blue screen error, when you attempt to transfer files from one drive to another. As soon as you try to do so, Windows freezes and returns hal.dll +35f1f error.

This happens when the hal.dll file has gone into a conflict with the Windows Registry, corrupting it or when the C:\Windows\System\rundll32.exe file path is either broken or has a critical component missing or replaced by any malicious application. You will not be able to fix the issue with the help of the common troubleshooting steps like running Windows is safe mode and the likes. Even if it fixes the issue, it does so only for a short period of time. Hence, in order to fix rundll32.exe issues like this, you need to put your stakes on a specialized tool of high quality.

Error on Boot after Windows upgrade

After you have upgraded Windows from a lower variant to Windows 10, you are at times not able to boot. Every time you try to boot, the booting sequence starts and then stops and crashes out. Along with that it returns an error message that says Windows root rundll32.exe is either corrupt or is missing. Another message at times says the boot selection has failed as a required device was not accessible.

Now this is something that happens when the BIOS is damaged, and the operating system refuses to start. If you are looking to fix rundll32.exe error like this, the average tools that you find free of cost will not serve your purpose. Even the troubleshooting steps like uninstalling and reinstalling the Windows or restarting and rebooting the system will not help you out either.

The solution finally

Finally, coming to the solution, you will be able to fix rundll32.exe issues like all these and many more with the help of DLL Suite, the rundll32.exe error repair tool, developed by one of the best names of software development fraternity.

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