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If you cannot repair the sxstrace.exe file error, then you need to download the excellent DLL Suite, the best fixer tool in this regard.

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What is the best tool to fix sxstrace.exe error

Do you know how to fix sxstrace.exe file error on your system? Well, this article might be helping in this regard. When this file gets corrupted, different types of issues may show up on your system. As a result of which you might not be able to open any applications. Such types of issues have been discussed below.

Microsoft Office Excel application error

All the applications of Microsoft Office are important in our everyday work life. So when any application of Microsoft Office does not work properly on the PC, then it becomes quite annoying. Similarly, at the time of opening the Microsoft Office Excel application, you may face sxstrace.exe related issues. When you try to open the application, then it may get failed to start and shows error message. The error message says the application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect.

Generally this error occurs, when the sxstrace.exe file becomes corrupted for any reason. So, to fix this issue and open the application, you need to repair the exe file. And for that purpose, you can apply an sxstrace.exe fixing tool.

Issue with Windows Explorer

The same error can occur on your Windows 7 operating system. You may see that while trying to access any file in Windows Explorer, it shows the same above mentioned error message. Due to this error, you cannot use Windows Explorer properly on your system. According to experts, in such case you need to check Event Viewer option by typing 'Event' in the Start Menu. And after checking the Event Viewer error logs, you come to know the problem happens due to the corruption of sxstrace.exe file. And you need to fix it by applying a proper sxstrace.exe file repair tool.

Unable to launch League of Legends

While trying to launch the League of Legends video game, the system may show Side-by-Side Configuration Error. And after entering the Event Viewer option, you may get to know that sxstrace.exe is the faulty module. So you should repair the sxstrace.exe file with a proper tool.

The answer for all the problems

The problem can be resolved using the tool named DLL Suite, which is the best sxstrace.exe fixer tool. After using this tool, you will see the difference.

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