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What is the best tool to fix the DLL errors?

Sometimes, you are frustrated by issues while working on systems with Windows of different versions. In most of these cases, various type of DLL files are the root cause behind these issues, once they get corrupted or missing due to various reasons. In order to fix DLL errors of various kinds, what you need is a tool that is exclusively developed to fix errors caused by defective or missing DLL files. Here are some examples of the DLL errors that you can fix with these quality tools.

Issues with Live Photo Gallery

If you have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system on board your Dell computer, you face at times Windows Live Photo Gallery whenever you try to view images on SD card. As soon as you try to watch the images, you get an error code 0x80010108.

This happens when there is a corruption in the Windows registry, following conflict between the Registry Files and the DLL files like inageres.dll and npnxcatcher(Video).dll. It also happens when virus or malware has deleted Windows photo gallery-related program files and associated DLL files. In order to solve dll issues like this, you cannot reply wholly on the tools that you find commonly free of cost. Even if you try the most commonly used troubleshooting steps like uninstalling Windows and reinstalling it, restarting or rebooting the system and the likes, they are likely to fail. In order to fix DLL error like this, you need to turn to a quality tool that is specifically developed to deal with this issue and other similar ones like this.

Appcrash with fault module name

Sometimes, you find that you are not able to access Microsoft Office Word, regardless of the version of Windows used. Whenever you try to access the application, it crashes out, with an Appcrash issue, along with a faulting module name wwlib.dll error message.

This happens when there is a faulty update which affects the wwli.dll file, either deleting altogether or replacing or corrupting it. You might try to repair dll problems like these with the help of the tools that you find free of cost. However, the fact is that the elementary tools are not able to fix these errors. You will have to turn to the best quality tools that will be able to solve these problems exclusively. The tried and tested common tools of error rectification at times solve this type of an issue, but only temporarily.

BSOD at Windows Start-up

Sometimes, you find that you are not able to start up Windows XP. As soon as you try to start Windows, it immediately crashes out, returning a BSOD or Blue Screen of Death. It also returns a Bad Pool Caller error message, along with a 0x000000c2 error code.

This happens due to corrupted RAM or system files or .sys files, which in turn affects the drivers, which are associated to Windows operating system. You will be able to repair dll problem like this and many others similar to this with the help of quality tools that are specifically developed to arrest these problems. You can try out the other tools of rectification that are found free of cost. However, these tools generally fail to deliver. Even the most popular techniques of troubleshooting like uninstalling and reinstalling the windows, running windows in safe mode and the likes fail to solve the issue.

Inability to save file on Microsoft Office Excel 2010

At times, you find that you are not able to save Microsoft Office Excel 2010 files regardless of the Windows version you are using. Every time you attempt to save the files, you get an error message. Every time you try to save the files, you get an error message. It says the files cannot be saved as an error was detected while saving.

This happens when a malware or virus has acted upon the sys files or system files corrupting them. When this happens, the device drivers also get corrupted, thus stopping the files from being saved. You will not be able to solve issues like this with the help of the tools that you find abundantly online at free of cost. These tools either fail to solve this issue altogether, or they provide only temporary solution.

Windows 10 installation error

On a few occasions, whenever you try to upgrade to Windows 10 from a lower version of Windows, you get an installation error message. The message says Windows 10 installation has failed with error during booting. It also returns a 0xc1900101 - 0x20017 error codes.

The most likely cause of this issue is the presence of third party software or driver or antivirus tools that act upon the critical DLL and system files or .SYS files that are associated with the Windows operating system.

Which is the tool that will make the day for you?

With a view to resolve dll issues like all these, you need to look up to the best and an exclusive DLL fixer tool. What better tool can you turn up to than DLL Suite?

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