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When any dll file is missing from the system, then you must use the DLL Suite tool on the system.

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What is the best way to replace missing Dll files?

When any dll file gets corrupted on the system, then it may hamper your functions on the system. The issue may keep on showing an error message irrespective of the steps that you take to solve them. Such issues have been discussed in this article.

Error on start-up:

Suppose you are using Windows 10 operating system on your HP Pavilion laptop. While starting the system, you may notice that an error tab is opening. You may see that the error tab opened while showing accelerometerST.exe - system error. The error message may also state that the program cannot start because of a .dll file missing. The missing dll file from the system is mfc120.dll. It might also suggest you to reinstall the program in order to fix the issue.

The issue at start-up can also appear after you have made some changes to the system. You may have recently installed an update to Windows 10 version 1703. While starting the system, you may notice that an error has occurred. It might show you accelerometerST.exe application error. The error tab might state that the file VCruntime140.dll is missing from the system. This issue may take place because of some corruption within the system.

In order to fix these missing DLL file error, you may have to ensure that all available updates are installed on Windows. You might also have to disable all the third party security software of the system to eradicate the issue. You can perform a System File Checker scan by pressing the Windows key and R together. It may replace the .dll missing files.

Issue in Skype:

All of a sudden you may see that you are not able to use the application Skype. The operating system installed on your Lenovo PC might be Windows 7. After turning on the system, you may notice that there is no log in screen. The screen might be blank with only the cursor. To solve this, you may try to perform a System Restore as it may fix the issue. But, while trying to use Skype, you may see that the file MSACM32.dll is missing. To fix this DLL file missing issue, you can use the cmd command for SFC /scannow. It may find some corrupted files on your system, but it might not be able to solve the issue.

Error on a new system:

You may have recently purchased a new Dell computer with pre-installed Windows 7 operating system. You have also just installed Carlson Software 2006. While trying to use it, you may encounter an issue with the software. It may show that the file ac1st16.dll is missing from the system. You may try to reinstall the program, but still the issue may prevail within your system. Such an issue might occur due to some corruption in the system. It may also take place because the file might have become corrupted. To fix the DLL files missing error, you may have to install an appropriate tool.

Issues while playing game applications:

You may have to encounter certain error while trying to play 3D games. For example, while playing the game Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, you may see that it is reporting an error. The error message may show that the file granny2.dll is missing from the system. While trying to fix DLL files missing issue, if you download the file from the internet, you may encounter another error message. This error message might state that the procedure entry point GrannyUpdateModelMatrix@16could not be found on the dynamic link library granny2.dll. When the game starts the error message may state that granny2.dll file is not correctly installed. You may completely reinstall the game. However, the issue might still prevail on the game. Some corruption in the system may have instigated such an issue.

Errors while installing Internet Explorer:

While wanting to use any browser on the system, you may need Internet Explorer 8. You may want to install the updates on Internet Explorer 6. However, the process of installation might not get completed and it may show an error message. It may show an error message stating that it is not able to load the file MSFTEDIT.DLL. This issue may show while you are using Windows XP Professional on a Samsung 850 EVO laptop. Such a missing dll file issue can be because of any program file error.

A proper solution to deal with such issues:

To stop the DLL file missing error, you may also try to download the file from the internet. This process may cause more damage than benefits. It may corrupt the system entirely. Therefore, you must use the tool DLL Suite that is developed by VSKsoft.

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