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What is the proper tool for sxstrace.exe

The sxstrace.exe command line tool is one of the important most components for the system which helps in converting log files into readable format. With various processes and applications the problem with the component often comes up on the display screen. Here are some of the problems which brings in error message with this command line tool.

With the operating system

The operating system Windows 7 64 bits is running on the computer of Eliot. She is witnessing problems with the activation of the same. The activation has failed to be processed as the error message Activation context generation failed for MFC80.DLL with Dependent Assembly is popping up on the system screen. The supporting module cannot be found and the system asks for sxstrace.exe tool to get the details and for assistance as well.

After installing Windows 10 Pro as the operating system, Jennifer has started getting problems with the start up of the same. The boot up is getting troubled with the message 'WINDOWS 10 error: The application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail'.

With the other software

Chris has tried to open the AOL software on his system but he has been failed. The process has been failed and the error message with the sxstrace.exe tool has started appearing on the display screen. The repair and replacement of the file is needed to get rid of the problems.

How to fetch a solution?

The file sxstrace.exe is basically needed for the Visual Studio and the programs under the same. As, on this platform many applications run, when anything goes wrong with the same, the applications also start malfunctioning. The sxstrace.exe tool is the one which is used for the application to run. The tool called DLL Suite is required to be installed in the computer in order to repair the files and get rid of the problems.

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