Explorer.exe error

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What is the way out for the explorer.exe problem

Explorer is the program through which you can control all the files which are stored in your computer. When the executable one for explorer gets damaged in the computer, you start facing several issues with the apps. Here are some of those.

While browsing files

While browsing files in the system, the problem can come up on your computer with the explorer. The executable file for the Windows Explorer is Explorer.exe. The same file can malfunction in the system and this is the reason why the explorer.exe problem can take place with the Windows Explorer. The problem can be witnessed on the operating system Windows 10. The Explorer exe problem can be resolved with the repair of the faulty file.

When the file gets crashed

Whenever you try to launch any file through the explorer like the .doc, .jpg or .txt file on the system, the problem might take place with the sudden crash. The crash may take place with the file explorer.exe and the entire system can get hanged with the same. All the files and folders can become inaccessible with the same. The problem with Explorer.exe can be the reason behind the same. The file can be repaired with the software if the SFC / Scannow program does not work in this case.

With the media applications

On the system running with Windows 8.1, the problem might take place on the system screen with the media files. You may get obstructed while running video files in the computer and the error message with the explorer.exe can pop up on the system screen. The error message which comes with the Explorer.exe error is the 'fatal application exit. You may try with the un-installation of recent application in the system but the problem might fail to be removed without the repair of the file.

High Memory consumption

The system might show as lagging with all the applications which are installed in it. It is assumed that the high CPU consumption is the reason behind the same. When you look at the Task Manager, you might get to see that the explorer.exe file is taking up most of the CPU and this is the reason why the other programs can become to be run and the entire system may start lagging as well. The Explorer exe error can be the core of the issues.

With the start-up of Explorer

The operating system Windows 10 can have problems with the explorer.exe. After the creators update, the problems can come up on the system screen with the start up of the Windows Explorer. The black screen can take place on the display with the running of the explorer. The Explorer exe issue is the one which can cause troubles with the same. The repair of the file can resolve the issues.

How to resolve?

You can get rid of the problems easily with the installation of DLL Suite which is available here.

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