D3dx9_39.dll was not found

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What to do when D3dx9_39.dll is missing

People of all age like to play games. Video games are one of the favorite kinds of games that people play. Previously there have been easier video games for a person to play. But as days have gone by, video games have become more complex. As a result, people often have to face different difficulties while playing games.

D3dx9_39.dll file is related to playing games. The D3dx9_39.dll error comes up when a game is launched. Mostly the error refers that the file D3dx9_39 dll file is missing from the computer.

Unable to install games:

Some people say that they are unable to install certain games. When they try to install a specific game the error D3dx9_39.dll file is missing shows up.

A person says that he has recently purchased a Lenovo Y510P computer. It has Windows 8.1 installed. He tries to install a game called League of Legends. But when he tries to install the game he gets the error message. He checks his computer to find out that it already has DirectX11 installed. As a manual solution, he downloads DirectX End Web Installer. And the moment he tries to install it, he gets yet another system error. He is asked to see DXError.log.

Some other people complain that they cannot install the game Lord of the Rings. When they try to install the game it takes quite long to get installed. After a while of trying, the system comes up with missing D3dx9_39.dll error. The installation fails thereafter.

Cannot launch the games:

Even if the games are installed properly, there is D3dx9_39.dll was not found problem while starting the games.

The game Sid Meier's Civilization V is a well-known game and is played by many people. But some of them say that they are not able to launch the game after installing it. When they try to launch it gives them the D3dx9_39 dll not found error. They may try to reinstall the game to dodge the problem. It happens even if a person is installing the game from its disc version.

While trying to play Football Manager 2010 a few people have noticed the error message about D3dx9_39.dll file. They can install the game normally but cannot play it. If they want to fix the problem, they are prompted to update their system to the latest version of DirectX. But the procedure of updating fails too.

Fixing the error message:

It becomes very irritating for the people who are facing these problems continually. It can happen with any game or any version of a specific game. People may try to reinstall the game or they may try to install the updated DirectX Runtime. But to their dismay, the trouble does not get resolved.

However, there is a simple way by which a person can truly get rid of this error. A person who is continuously encountering the above-mentioned error must install a repair tool to deal with the complication. DLL Suite is the definite piece of fixing software that resolves missing D3dx9_39 dll error without any delay.

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