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When any DLL is missing or was not found in the system, you can use DLL Suite to fix it.

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What to do when DLL file is missing

When the system is missing DLL files, it may show you some error message along with an error code. These errors might be very much frequent at times and sometimes it can occur at random intervals. You may notice the missing DLLs issue while starting the system or while trying to conduct system restore. Such incidents have been explained as follows.

Problem of starting Windows:

The operating system installed on the system might be Windows XP home edition. You may receive DLL file missing error message while starting the system. The error message may show that Windows is unable to start due to missing or corrupt Windows root\system32\hal.dll file. It may also instruct you to reinstall the copy of the file. If you try to manually reinstall the file from the internet, it may cause even more damage to the system. The file might be infected with viruses thereby causing severe damage. You may be able to start the system only in safe mode. You may also try to repair the system using the installation disc by pressing R while using the Recovery Console.

Sometimes the system may show that the file xmpp DLL missing from the system. This message may come up while starting the system. Soon after this issue you may see that the system is running slower than usual. You may not see this issue on safe mode while using Windows XP.

Failure to conduct system restore:

You may have succeeded in conducting System Restore on your PC. You might have selected different restore points while doing so. However, all of a sudden you may see some issues in conducting System Restore. Every time you attempt to conduct the process, it may stop and the PC may restart along with a message. The message may state that C:\Program Files\Windows

Defender\en-US\MpAsDesc.dll.mui could not be extracted from the restore point. The message may also state that the restore point is either damaged or deleted. This problem of 'missing DLL file' cannot be solved even if you use the System File Checker. You can use SFC scan by pressing the Windows key and R together to conduct the scan. This issue might have been caused due to damaged restore point.

Issue in playing games:

You may have been using a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. You may come across some issues while trying to run some games that is developed by Microsoft such as Asphalt 8: Airborne. On opening the game, you may get the message that the registry file xlive.dll is missing. To solve the issue you may try to perform System File Checker scan. However, the issue of 'DLL not found' might still stay. Such an issue may have occurred due to some issues in the Windows registry.

How can you fix the issues?

When the system is unable to find any DLL file, it may stop working. It may show different errors and show that a particular DLL was not found. You must therefore install an appropriate tool such as DLL Suite to get rid of the issues. You must not try to manually fix the issues as it can cause severe damage to the system.

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