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There is no better tool available in the market today than DLL suite when it comes to solving the Kernel32.dll is missing or was not found errors.

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What to do when the kernel32.dll error occurs

Sometimes, you find yourself in troubles that are caused by DLL files. In most of the cases, these troubles are quite complicated. Hence, they cannot be solved easily, more so with the help of the tools those are commonly found free of cost. These problems have to be taken care of and resolved with the help of certain specified and quality tools. Take for instance, the Kernel32 dll was not found error. This is a fairly complicated error that only specialized tools can solve. Here are some issues that involve this DLL file that you find days in and days out.

Viber does not open on Windows 10

At times, you are not able to launch Viber on Windows 10. As soon as you try to launch it, you get an error message. The message says the application could not launch as a critical DLL file is either missing or not found. Also, at times this is followed by another message. The second message says that the procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessInformation was not located in the Kernel32dll Dynamic Link Library.

This is a typical Kernel32 dll not found error that surfaces when there are invalid or corrupted Windows Registry files. Windows Registry is the kernel database, which is used to store software settings and various options of Microsoft Operating System. Hence, when the Windows Registry file gets invalid or corrupted, it causes a number of issues, including this Kernel32.dll not found error. This also happens when the kernel32 dll is missing or outdated or there is a virus or malware infestation in the system. The best way to solve the issue is by using dedicated DLL file error rectification tools. The commonly found, free-of-cost tools generally fail to solve this problem.

Unable to install Microsoft Office 365 Home

In some cases, you are not able to install Microsoft Office 365 Home. Whenever you try to install the application, you get an error message. It says the application cannot be installed as the procedure entry point SetWaitableTimerEx could not be found in the Kernel21.dll Dynamic Link Library.

This is another typical Kernel32.dll missing error that happens when certain 3rd party applications get into a conflict with critical DLL files like kernel32.dll. When that happens, the DLL files get replaced or corrupted, or even deleted, resulting in this error. The common troubleshooting steps like un-installation and reinstallation of Windows do not pay off in these cases. This has to be solved with the help of the quality tools that are specifically developed to solve issues like this.

Service Pack 3 cannot be installed on Windows XP

There are instances, when you are not able to install Service Pack 3 on Windows XP. Every time you try to install it, you get an kernel32 dll missing error message, telling DecodePointer could not be located.

This pops up when the kernel32.dll file and the Windows Registry files go missing or get corrupted. This also takes place due to virus or malware attack, or when the system drivers are corrupt or out of date.

What is the best tool to solve these issues?

In all these cases, and many more like these, the tool that will be able to solve the Kernel32 missing or not found error is surely DLL Suite. It is one of the best DLL error fixer tools you can avail in the market today.

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