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If wmvcore dll was not found, then it can be resolved with the familiar DLL Suite software.

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What to do when wmvcore.dll is missing

Video-graph is a quite famous process nowadays. People live in the virtual world more than the real world. Many of the people earn their living through YouTube videos. Now, before putting up the videos for viewers to see the videos need to be edited. To help a person edit the videos, there is an editing application developed by Microsoft. It is known as Windows Movie Maker.

However, Windows Movie Maker does not work properly if the related DLL file Wmvcore dll is missing.

Error noticed on Windows 10:

Windows Movie Maker is supported by all the versions of Windows operating system. A person can notice an error after upgrading the operating system, or after installing some updates on the current Windows version. When Wmvcore.dll is missing, it hampers the normal working ability of the Windows Media Player.

A person tries to run Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on his computer which has Windows 10. When he tries to open the program, he gets the Wmvcore is missing error. He is prompted to install Windows Media Player. But the person fails to install the same because of some error code.

Another person who has Windows 10 N 64 bit version faces the same problem as mentioned above. It happens when he tries to download Wondershare Filmora to make and edit videos. He has tried to reinstall the program to remove the error but his attempt has gone in vain.

Some people already have Windows Media Pack installed on their system. But when they get the wmvcore.dll was not found error, they think that updating the software will remove it. Unfortunately, despite updating the Media Pack, the error still continues to appear.

Some people say that after they have upgraded their machine from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 N, they get the error message. They may try to perform a Clean Boot to get rid of the error causing application. But to permanently solve it, they must download an error fixer.

Problem occurring on Windows 7:

Windows Movie Maker has been known as Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7. While a person having Windows 7 on his PC tries to start Windows Live Movie Maker, he gets an error. He may also observe that Windows Media Player is not installed on his operating system.

Windows XP has an error:

Just when a person tries to open Windows Movie Maker on his computer that has Windows XP, he gets the error Wmvcore.dll missing. He tries to replace the missing file by downloading it from an open source, but then he gets another error that says moviemk.exe Entry_Point_Not_Found. Ultimately the program cannot be started by any means.

Providing people with a solution:

The troubles as already told are related to the Windows Movie Maker software. It is not possible for people to not use the software to avoid the error. That is not a feasible option.

So, the only way out is to install DLL Suite that is specialized in solving Wmvcore dll missing error.

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