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To overcome problems that come up due to missing DLL files in the system, you should install DLL Suite.

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What you should do when DLL is missing?

Ever wondered what will happen if you are unable to process your important tasks even after repeated attempts? It may be the situation that due to the DLL is missing from your computer, it faces random system crash and other unusual situations. So, in order to curb all those scenarios in the right way, going through this article would definitely help you to follow the right path in dealing with the stubborn issues.

Application crash errors:

On a Windows 10 Technical Preview installed Dell latitude laptop, it may happen that even after successful installation of Google Chrome, you are unable to access it smoothly. After working in fine condition for some time, it starts to crash intermittently. Whenever you try to open Google Chrome 10, it crashes. If you reinstall the application, it tends to work properly for some time soon after which it crashes again. When checked through the details of event viewer, it has been examined that since chrome.exe has become faulty, it resulted in the app crash event. It further notified that since ntdll.dll file has missing from the system, it provoked that .dll missing files issue to take place on a random note.

Windows update installation error:

The DLL missing files syndrome can also take place after you have installed some important Windows security updates. A Lenovo ThinkPad laptop installed with Windows 8.1 Pro operating system starts to malfunction soon after running the Windows update installation process. Along with this, an error notification pops up that point toward netutils.dll which has gone missing from the system. Furthermore, it has also been said that the mentioned DLL file may not be compatible to run in the present version of the Windows operating system. Even after you run sfc/scannow command through the command prompt, you may not be able to get out of the situation. When, all the manual process of solving the error fails one after the other, it definitely calls for the use of an effective tool.

Microsoft Office Package upgrades error:

The process of upgrading Microsoft Office 2007 to Microsoft Office 2010 Professional may bring in troubles for you. On a Windows 7 Pro installed HP Pavilion laptop, it may be the case that you are unable to access all the applications smoothly after upgrading its version. To be specific, the issue comes up with Microsoft Office Excel application and as you try to open the same, you are prevented with an error message. It elaborates about POWERPOINT.EXE bad image. In addition to this, it also notifies that the file path C:\ Windows\ system32\ atipdlxx_dll cannot be found in the system. On arriving at such a situation, you can try to delete the Microsoft Office Suite and try to reinstall it all over again but still encounter the DLL missing entry point issue.

Error after system version upgrade:

Similar to the previously discussed problems, some issue may also come up after you upgrade your system from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 version. You are working on a Sony Vaio laptop and random occurrence of the error messages takes a huge hit in the smooth working of the system. According to the error message, logiLDA.dll file is missing from the system. In such a situation, you can try to download the respective file, but most certainly unable to get rid of the problem. The error comes up owing to some incompatibility issue with Logitech software. So, even after uninstalling that Logitech software, you are unable to remove the DLL missing Windows problem, and then you should opt for the best tool.

Issue while running Windows Media Player:

In some instances, it may happen that on a Windows XP installed HP Envy laptop you are randomly prompted with error messages whenever you try to run Windows Media Player 11. The error message that pops up states that C:\Windows\ system32\ avrt.dll file has become corrupted by some malicious software in the system and hence could not be found in its actual location generating a DLL was not found error. Other than this, the situation could also be such that the version of Windows Media Player that you try to run is not compatible with the operating system version.

Looking for the best solution?

After you have got glimpses of all the problems that may crop up in case of DLL missing from your computer, then you need to install one of the effective tools available. One such could be DLL Suite and without giving any such empty promises, this product would help in rectifying the errors in just one click. If you are still pondering about which product to choose, then without any further hesitation, go for the above mentioned one.

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