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DLL Suite is the only svchost.exe tool one requires to solve errors with any system services found on Windows.

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When Windows may require a svchost.exe tool to install Updates

Processes are the smaller Executing programs on Windows. Several of them can make up one bigger program. Each one is started up on its own when their related applications are loaded. For example, Office Excel relies on the excel.exe process. One will only see these processes on the task manager. This same console is also used for stopping them too. That is only advised when certain processes are responsible for creating computer issues. These issues could range from the applications freezing to excessive use of system resources. A lot of these problems will surface when as svchost is active. Users were able to fix those errors using a svchost.exe fix tool.

The svchost.exe and Windows Updates errors:

There was one svchost.exe error tool that Mae Nelson used on her laptop. It was an error fixing application that cleared up a persistent issue with this one process. The errors occurred on a new installation of Windows 7. The set up had gone through flawlessly and all drivers loaded as needed. The only issue here was with the updates for Windows 7. Whenever she would choose some updates to be loaded, the service would freeze. Windows started to check for any current updates and then stayed at this phase. It had remained this way overnight as well. Mae immediately knew that this system had a problem. She used the tool only after running many other fixes on the PC.

What this process does and why it won't work:

The svchost.exe process runs a number of things on the computer. These are:

1. Windows Updates and services

2. Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus programs

3. End User Applications like Microsoft Office or Games

4. Internet or Network Connections settings

The situation here surrounded just the use of the Windows 7 Update service. The client did not install an antivirus as it was a new system. She also didn't change any of the Serivces.msc on the PC although she found fixes that helped with that. Mae was worried about ruining anything else this operating system. This is why this svchost exe tool was her first preference.

Mae installed the DLL Suite svchost.exe fixer tool instead to repair this process. After searching online, she saw that one reason why updates won't get installed is because of corruptions. This corruption was probably on the svchost.exe that monitored all updates. With this svchost.exe repair tool installed, she only had to search for a suitable replacement of this process. That new file was downloaded and installed on the PC using the easy instructions shown on the tool itself.

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