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The dll file fixer, which must be installed on the system for solving dll issues is DLL Suite.

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Which Dll file fixer can be used

The major issues of the system occur due to some issues with the dll files. We must ensure that we are using the right dll file fixer, otherwise some other issues might also occur.

Issue while resetting Windows Update:

We may face some issues while trying to install certain updates on the system. The issue may show for the updates KB2574819, KB2592687 and for KB2785220. We may try to manually repair the issue, but at the time of reregistering the file, we may receive another error. The error may show that the issue has been caused in the files mshtml.dll, shdocvw.dll and browseui.dll. We may use the SFC/ scannow command but it may not be able to fix the issue. To solve the issue we may need to use a proper dll file fixer.

Issue of corrupted files:

The computer with Windows 7 operating system may show some issues after the failure in installing some Windows update. The system may tend to crash or reboot itself. On using the SFC/ scannow command we may find that some dll files are corrupted and it may also state that the files cannot be repaired. We may try to conduct a system restore but it might not be helpful. In order to fix the corrupted files we must install a reliable and trustworthy dll file fixer. The process of startup repair can be done with the help of the installation DVD for Windows 7, but it may not fix the corrupted dll files.

Application crash:

At the time of using Windows Media Player on a Sony Vaio laptop, we may encounter some errors. The application may crash while using it and the issue may provide some additional information. The details of the issue may show that the faulty module name is nvd3dum.dll and the exception offset is 003ccdd6. For getting rid of the issue we may try to update the Nvidia display driver file. But the issue can be permanently solved with the help of proper dll file fixer.

What can be done?

To stop any kind of dll errors we must imply a proper dll file fixer such as DLL Suite. This tool is effective in replacing corrupted dll files. It can also replace the missing dll files.

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