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The solution for sxstrace.exe lies in using the tool DLL Suite.

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Which tool to use for sxstrace.exe errors

The system may show you some issues while you are trying to open some application. This type of issue may show up after you have upgraded the operating system or you have installed the application only recently.

Issue after upgrading:

You may have conducted a recent upgrade from Windows 7 to windows 10 operating system. Soon after if you open some applications, such as Sage Accounting, then you may see that an error has cropped up. The error message may state that the application has failed to start due to the fact that its side by side configuration is not correct. The message may instruct you to use the sxstrace.exe tool on Windows 7 to see more details about the issue. Such an issue might occur if the machine is missing the required components for the application. You may try to solve the issue by installing the latest version of the application.

Issue after downloading SPSS:

There might be some issues after you have downloaded the software package for statistical analysis. While trying to open it you may see an error message. The error message may state that the application failed to start due to incorrect side-by side configuration. You will require a tool to stop this sxstrace.exe error. You may have recently downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. But, still the issue may remain.

Issue with Google Chrome:

You may encounter an issue with Google Chrome on a Windows 10 system. Whenever you may try to run it, you may see an error message. The error message may state that due to wrong side by side configuration the application cannot be opened. This type of issue will require an sxstrace.exe repair tool. This issue may appear on your system if the Microsoft Visual C++ libraries are outdated. You may try to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome and see if the issue is solved.

Solving the issues:

All such issues that have been discussed in this article may have been caused by some conflict with the 2008 version of the C run-time libraries. To stop all the issues of the system, you will have to use a systrace.exe tool such as DLL Suite. This tool can be easily used to stop the issues and ensure that all the applications are running properly.

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