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Why DLL file gets missing from PC?

Dll missing error on the computer has been bothering users all over the world. Hence, the above mentioned question is the biggest query of every single PC user. This is mainly because a file missing can be hazardous for your computer. You have to understand why such errors come up, and how you can fix it as soon as possible.

When any dll file in the system gets missing, it brings a lot of headaches for you. You can notice that some of the applications stop loading, some shows runtime error and some even crash. Other issues with start-up, shut-down, booting may come up. To explain it in a nutshell, a dll file is an indispensible part of the computer. Some of the errors that you may face due to such issue are discussed below.

How missing file bring errors?

Missing file errors are indeed very problematic. You can face runtime errors with different applications. It can be seen that, applications may show certain runtime error. One of such error is mailing error with Microsoft Office Outlook. You can face sudden error when your try to send an email. At the middle of the sending process, there can be a dll not found error message. It can show that an appcrash has taken place where the faulting module is Outlook.exe and also kernelbase.dll file. Due to such error, the sending mail process gets terminated automatically.

A similar error can take place with Adobe Flash Player. At the time of opening a streaming video via the player, there can be again an alert with a dll is missing. The process can get unresponsive and it can show that due to the dll file error, it got crashed. The faulting module can be adobe.dll file. However, you need to be patience in choosing the troubleshooting process.

How games can be disrupted?

Games are one of those applications that are randomly used by the users from all around the world. Thus, when a game gets corrupted or any file gets missing, you may get frustrated easily. Suppose you play World of Warcraft in your system. At the time of crossing a level in the game, you can get issues of dll missing entry. You may get a dialog box as game.dll file is not able to found the location entry point in the dynamic link library. Such errors can be very annoying and you may definitely feel like changing your setup immediately.

Sometimes, you may also get errors with League of Legends at the middle of playing. When you try to just update the version and then play, it may show you a message that the version is not compatible with the system. When such a message comes up, it also shows the same stackhash_15711.dll file missing error along with League of legends.exe file as the faulting module. Hence, it is very much important for you to deal with such dll was not found error promptly.

You can also face errors at the time of installation. Suppose you aim to install a game like Fifa 13. However, at the middle of the installation process, it shows that there can be certain error. It shows that some of the system files are not compatible with the games. When such an error comes up, the process may get stuck and unresponsive. You may notice that at the time of just ending the process, it crashes and fails. This is also another cause of any missing file.

Why manual method is risky?

Manual method of solving a dll file error can be undertaken. You can try to go to the Windows registry by putting Windows +R command. A box will appear where you can put CMD and the command prompt will open. There you may put regedit.exe to open and edit the Windows registry. You may try to delete the corrupted DLL files so that it does not affect the other healthy files. However, for doing this perfect, it is important to have a knowledge regarding the process. Otherwise, there is a huge possibility of getting added error if any healthy file is deleted by you.

Why an authentic tool is needed?

Do you believe every promise that you get in internet? You may find out there are millions of random tools available online. However, you will not be able to trust every single one. Therefore, here is a suggestion of an authentic dll missing fixer. DLL Suite of VSKsoft can be regarded as such an authentic tool that can easily wipe out the related errors. Thus, once you select this tool, you will never have to think about 'dll is missing from your computer' errors any more.

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