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VSKsoft has come up with DLL Suite software, the best DLL repair tool that takes on DLL issues in a seamless way.

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Why look for a specialized tool to repair DLL errors?

If you are to repair dll errors in a perfect and the most comprehensive way, you will have to opt for a specialized tool. However, that does not end the discussion. On the contrary, that only starts it as there are a lot to discuss about. You will find some dll errors that are pretty elementary in nature and hence can be tackled with the free tools that you find online. However, that does not mean that you can solve every other issue that way. Here is when the need of the specialized tools rises.

Windows cannot start up

In some instances, you find that you are not able to run Windows, regardless of the version of Windows you are working on. Every time you attempt to start Windows, you face an error message. The message says Windows cannot run as the C: \ Windows \system32 \ wkscli.dll is either not designed for running on this version of Windows or it has an error.

At times you try to go for system restore to solve the issue. However it returns an error message, which says a volume shadow copy service component has encountered an expected error. This happens when the said DLL file is either corrupted due to a virus or malware infestation, or when a wrong version of the dll file is in use. This also happens when the function call fails. Whatever the reason may be, you will be able to repair dll files free, like this only and only with the help of error fix tools that are categorically developed to solve this type of issue.

Issues with installation of updates

At times, you find that you are not able to install Windows updates if you are working with Windows 7 64 bits. Every time you try to install the updates, you are intrigued by an error message. The message says the Windows updates cannot be installed as critical DLL files are either missing or not found in the system.

This is a typical DLL missing issue, which erupts when the regsvr32 qmgr.dll and regsvr32 qmgrprxy.dll files are either missing from the system or are left corrupted by a 3rd party application. Also, the system returns an error message that says BITS service cannot start. Again, this is one of those issues, which can be solved with the help of DLL repair tools that are the effectively developed to solve solely these types of issues.

Microsoft Office Outlook crashes on the system

Sometimes, you discover that suddenly your system is missing Microsoft Office Outlook. Or in other words, the application has simply crashed out of the system, returning an error message. The message says outlmime.dll file is either missing or is incompatible with the application. Even if you try a system restore or install it back, the tactics fail miserably. This particularly happens when you use Microsoft Office 365.

This happens mainly when the outlmime.dll file is either missing or has been left corrupt. Or there has been an invalid or corrupted outlmime.dll error registry entry. This happens when there is a infestation by a virus or malware, which contains the outlmime.dll error file or in other words, the corrupted DLL file. This issue is also at times the result of un-installation of the DLL file by another program file. You will be able to repair this DLL issue only if you take the help of the tools that are categorically developed to solve these types of issue.

Windows Vista cannot be run

There are times when you are not able to run Windows Vista. Every time you try to run Windows, you get an Audit Failure Event 5038. This comes along with an error message, which says the Windows cannot start as certain critical components are either missing or not found.

This happens when the fveapi.dll file is either missing or not found, or the Device \ HarddiskVolume1\ Windows_System32\fveapi_dll file path is either broken or is missing one of many critical component. There are times when you are able to solve this issue with the help of the common tools of rectification that are found free of cost. You may also try some troubleshooting steps like uninstalling and reinstalling Windows, restarting and rebooting the system. However, these tools and techniques only provide temporary solutions.

The best step to be undertaken

In these cases and many more, the best thing you can do to solve these issues is that you can call on a quality tool of class which will provide a comprehensive solution to these issues in a seamless manner. Repair dll files easily using the DLL Suite from VSKsoft.

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