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If you want to repair msvcr100 dll, then you will have to use the DLL Suite program.

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Why you should repair corrupt msvcr100.dll instantly?

As a computer user, you may know that dll files are required for running the applications of the system. These dll files are vital for the smooth running of the applications. However, it may sometimes happen that the system is not able to locate the files. The files may also get corrupted. One of such file is msvcr100.dll. The issues that may happen on the system that are related to this file have been discussed in this article.

Application crashes can affect system performance:

You may have been using Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 for the purpose of sending and receiving mails. However, all of a sudden, you may see that the application is crashing on your Windows 7 x64 bit machine. The event log may show you that the faulting application name is Outlook.exe, and the module that have resulted in this issue is msvcr100 dll. The fault offset might be shown as 0x0008cc77 and the faulting process id might be 0x13b4. To repair this msvcr100 dll error, you may try to start the application in safe mode. You may also disable all the add-ons and delete the mail profile and create a new one. However, the issue may still stay. Additionally you may also want to re-install the application after uninstalling it.

Error messages while using any software:

While trying to use the software Kingdom Suite, you may encounter an error. The program may crash a number of times. On checking the Event Viewer, you may see that the faulting application name is TKS.exe and the faulting module responsible for the crash is msvcr100.dll. The Event Viewer can be accessed from the start menu of the system. It may also show that the exception code is 0xc0000417 and the faulting process id is 0x100c. To fix this msvcr100 dll issue, you may set the computer in a clean boot state. Clean booting the system may help in identifying if any third party applications are causing the issue. You may also want to uninstall and reinstall the application to stop the issue.

Microsoft Office programs crashes after installing updates:

Installing some updates becomes necessary. However, sometimes it may show some issue in the application. You may see that Microsoft Office 2013 is crashing after you have installed the update of KB3081424. The event log may show you that the faulting application is Outlook.exe and the module responsible for the crash is StackHash_2264.dll. It may also show that the application has stopped working and you will have to check online for the solution. The event log may also show the module msvcr100 dll. You may reinstall the application to resolve this msvcr100.dll issue. This type of issue may occur because of some issues in the installation process of the updates. The issue might be because of some corruption in the system.

Upgrading the system leads to errors:

You may have recently upgraded the operating system on your Dell Vostro 15 3558 laptop to Windows 10. Very soon after this process, you may see an issue in the system. You may keep getting the message that msvcr100.dll is missing from the system.

You may have used the application Movie Maker many times before you have conducted the upgrade. However, after the upgrade, you may not be able to use the application. To solve this msvcr100 dll error, you may download the latest and correct version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. But still the issue may keep on showing after you have restarted the system. This issue might be due to the wrong installation of the Microsoft Visual Studio package. Some issues in the Windows registry may instigate this kind of issue.

Failing to install Windows updates:

You may face an issue in installing some updates on your Windows 8 machine. On trying to install the updates, you may see that an error code have appeared. The error code might be 0x80070057. The error message might also show msvcr100.dll and 0x80070490. To correct this msvcr100 dll problem, you may clean boot the system. Additionally you may also use the Windows Update troubleshooter by pressing the Windows key and W together after which you will have to type troubleshooter in the search box and press enter. After this, you will have to click system and security and then select Windows Update Troubleshooter.

A quick fix that works best:

The issues that have been discussed in this article can show up on any system. You may not be able to judge the exact reason for the occurrence of the issues on your system. However, if any of the issues appear on the system, then you must install the tool DLL Suite. This tool is appropriate for resolving all the issues. The tool will ensure that all missing and corrupted files are replaced.

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