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Dll Suite is a better sxstrace.exe tool for use with any SXS configuration error with using applications on Windows.

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Windows SXS errors are better solved with this alternate sxstrace.exe tool

Certain issues on Windows may be caused by conflicts between two files. With the Side by Side Configurations error, these are the C Run Time Libraries. They are loaded through Microsoft applications and won't work with all third party programs. When running any of these programs, one will see various error messages over this conflict. What the basically describe is:

Incorrect Side by Side settings.

Dll files are corrupted or missing.

Utilise either the Command Prompt sxstrace.exe tool or the Events Logs to fix it.

Users left without any other solution have to rework the Dll file settings on the registry. If this is done incorrectly, there will be serious errors on Windows. Expert approved sxs trace exe tools will be much better for people instead.

Dll errors hamper the working of programs:

This SXS component runs many programs on Windows 10. The user had installed an sxs trace.exe tool to correct one application. All other browsers could not seem to connect to various web pages. When they wanted to open the browser, there was this error sign. It was about poor settings on this component. It said that this default browser could not load as one of the side by side events logs was incorrect. The problem started when they set up Google Chrome as the Home Page. Mozilla Firefox was also paralysed by the same issue too. Only the Microsoft Edge browser was functional. So they used it to access some solutions for this error.

Dll files can be changed using good tools:

Only these two applications had this problem. They thought that all this error required were some updates for Windows 10. Many of them were installed on the PC but had no effect. A few other steps in the troubleshooting included:

Updating the browser applications through the settings.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the twp browsers.

Use the sxstrace.exe command utility on the Command Prompt.

Scanned through the Error Event Viewer logs for further details

Each process showed them that some Dll files had been corrupted. There were many of them and in case, were used by the browsers. The user had to install an sxstrace exe tool as all other fixes did not work. The Dll Suite file fixer supplied the user with new files to replace the damaged files.

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