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How to Fix DLL Missing Error

This page detaily discussed what makes DLL missing and what exactly need to be done to fix missing DLL......

In our daily life, DLL missing is quite a common error for us. While you may not know that actually it could be a really easy-to-handle problem.

Before we talk about how to fix DLL missing error, I would like list a few common situations of missing DLLs when we operate our PC.

1. Windows System Restore Blank Problem

When you have the intention to restore your windows, just find a blank page. Meanwhile any operation can't be made further. Well actually it's because of two DLL file – script.dll and jscript.dll. Their log on message is lost for some reason which in other way you can also understand in another way – DLL missing.

2. IE secondary links can't be opened

If you are an internet enthusiast, this is almost like the end of the world. And this problem's occurring is because of oleaut.dll or its related files actxprxy.dll, shdocvw.dll, mshtml.dll, urlmon.dll, msjava.dll, browseui.dll.

3. Prompt of DLL was not found upon an installation of a program

Sometimes when we install a program or just run a software like a game or office tools, a window may pops up to tell us that .dll was not found or missing, so the installation or running can't be executed. This one is quite apparent to all of us that we should find that DLL mentioned back.

Except for the three situations above, I'm sure that you may have run into some other DLL missing errors in other form.

Why DLL is missing

After several occurrence of PC error caused by DLL missing, you must wonder what makes these files missing at the first place. In fact there could be many factors arousing DLL missing.

When you think some software installed in your PC is not very often used or you just don't like those annoying software, you would certainly remove the software or uninstall it. However, there's one thing that you may not know is that when you remove all the related files to that software, you probably have deleted the innocent DLL file in your disc C. you may not understand why DLL would be deleted when you just remove software. That is because DLL file contains a large amount of codes and data which is used to be invoked by other programs to make the system and software running well. Thus, when you choose delete all the files that related to software, you may have accidentally remove an important system file.

This is one condition that leads to DLL missing. There are also other conditions, and among them virus infection is the most high-frequency reason.

But the theory of virus infection is somehow similar to the above one.

When a computer gets infected by a virus, the apparent reaction is scanning the PC and removes the virus. While here is the situation, virus has the ability to modify the data of DLL. Once virus has connection with a DLL file, the anti-virus software will treat the DLL file as a virus related file and the remove it too. Thus, the same tragedy happens as the above mentioned one. Even if the DLL file is not removed by anti-virus software, since the data and code has been changed in favor of the virus, when some program invoke the changed functions, this error would happen again or even worse like system crash or something.

From what have discussed beyond, we can conclude that DLL missing error is quite critical so we have to fix it the moment we find this situation. But how, obviously DLL Suite would be the best answer to this question.

How to fix DLL missing

DLL Suite has a large database of DLL files belongs to up to 57 systems. What's more, DLL Suite has the function to automatically scan your PC for missing DLL and then download it from database to its default position.

In this case, we may see the relevant problem would be resolved for sure.

Dashboard in DLL Suite to fix errors and download DLL file automatically and "DLL Free Download" "PC Performance" is tools for users to download their missing files by themselves with absolutely no charge at all.

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