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How to Fix DLL Not Found Error

DLL is a kind of vital system file in windows which is really special in the same type of files because it can offer ready-made functions with codes and data to make other software and system running well. DLL (dynamic link library) can be the most critical file to keep your PC stable. So never look down upon these files in your PC.

DLL not found

DLL was not found error is one of the most high-frequency errors among all the problems involved with DLL. And this error could be the one that covers the largest range, I mean, it could happen to any software or game or system. And the influence can be serious. Let's list several examples.

System error with DLL was not found

iertutil.dll is one regular DLL file among all the thousands DLLs. But it can make your desk left nothing but just wallpaper and don't expect seeing other things. Even if you install IE browser would be in vain. And the only method to this problem is to copy iertutil.dll from other computer to system32 folder in disc C and restart your PC. However many PC users' solution always be reinstall the system, while we really don't suggest you to do that. Software like DLL Suite could fix errors like this like a piece of cake in ways you may be in favor too.

Software error with DLL was not found

Examples like this could be tons. Here will just mention one of them. MSVCR80D.dll was not found, so the program cannot be started – this message may be quite familiar to people who is doing IT business. When they run their compiling tool like VS 20 05, this window always pops up indicating something important is missing so measures should be taken to fix errors and make work going smooth.

Computer game error with DLL was not found

Young guys who is into computer games must have seen a sign “d3d11.dll was not found” very often after customs clearance and download a new one to experience another entertainment. Because this error always happen when you finish install a new game and right about to run it expecting a new roll. Things of disappointment like this just occur to us in this way. Games such as sniper elite, battlefield, or dust getting this error are quite common to some extent. Also, the main solution to DLL was not found in games is downloading a new one to its default position. But isn't there a better way that all the solutions to DLL not found error can be in one fixer? Yeah, there is -- DLL Suite!

How does DLL Suite fix DLL not found error?

DLL Suite is specially designed for each kind of DLL error there could ever is, including all the PC system error which has connection with DLL files. And certainly DLL not found error is a typical one among all the errors that DLL Suite could fix.

Actually DLL was not found is somewhat like DLL is missing. And there solution is similar too.

DLL Suite with its large and adequate database providing up to 57systems' DLL components including windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7 and windows 8 (in a few days) is qualified enough to fix any DLL was not found error and its related errors.

Steps with DLL Suite to repair DLL not found is as follows:

Free download: Take use of PC Performance and type the file name which has been mentioned in the error message popped window and choose your system edition and then you may download it with absolutely no charge at all. This method is the most popular one if you know the exactly file name. You know, it's for free. Another tool allowing you free download DLL is DLL Free Download. If you have no idea which file is missing, you can use this and scan the missing files and download them one by one.

Automatic fixing: Dashboard.

Dashboard has automatic scanning and fixing functions which are able to fix DLL not found error without your operation which can save you a lot of time. Besides these tools is also error-preventing guard. If you frequently scan your PC with DLL Suite, 90% of errors would be prevented.

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