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How to Repair Registry and DLL Error

Are you still looking for the truly effective DLL Registry Cleaner and even not have a clue?

Well, Here is our answer: DLL Suite.

The most eye-catching advantage for DLL Suite is that it can repair both DLL error and Registry problem, while all the other registry cleaners you've seen on the present internet are only able to offer one single service -- fixing Registry. Ordinary Registry Cleaner has no ability to fix DLL error.

The word “Registry” has become increasingly popular these years. Every change must have an explanation to it. So why has registry been put more attention than before?

The answer is not that positive because the reason to the above question is that it's becoming fragile.

Registry is an important database in Microsoft windows for information of system and applying software configuration. Until Microsoft Windows 95, registry started to step into users' view and get more involved into users' operation. Windows 95 is just a start, all the systems later than this system has continued this model.

The reason for PC error can be enormous and among all of them, the majority is related to registry. Generally speaking, it can be decided as the registry error is the follow messages shows up:

1. Window pops up writing “Can't find .dll” message which is also the typical error that DLL Suite is efficient at.

2. Message “can't find the embedded object on the server” or “OLE control was not found”

3. When you click a document, windows XP may pops “Can't find application open this type of document”, which is happen to the relevant registry of linkage.

4. There are folders or file with strange icon or no icon in the windows explorer.

5. Items in menu and control panel stay being lost or not activated.

6. Cannot link to the internet.

7. Normal hardware become abnormal when related programs get running

8. Windows XP can't be started except through safe mode.

9. Windows XP shows “registry damaged” message

Despite of above mentioned errors, registry is also in control of Control Panel which is in charge of the most of channels of operations to windows system. desktop and icon, parameter of internet and features of browser.

Now we can understand that actually registry concerns the whole computer's running of system and applying softwares. And it can be really critical to us if we can't fix registry errors promptly. So how can we repair registry to make our computer running more smoothly.

DLL Suite can be qualified enough for this task.

DLL Suite possesses all the necessary capability on registry repairing. Although the main fixing target of DLL Suite is DLL files. But to some extent, registry and DLL are closely related. What has been mentioned above that DLL was not found is one of the evidence that once DLL has errors, the registry may be changed too or can't find the right linking object.

Besides, DLL Suite also collected the effective fixing module specialized in registry repair. It is apparent that DLL Suite can repair both DLL error and registry error.

DLL Suite is the aggregation of fix and our thoughts to make users' PC experience comfortable and enjoyable.

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